5 of the best ‘winter warrior’ SUVs

8 Nov 2018

Winter is coming, there’s no denying it. Halloween and Bonfire Night have been and gone, the clocks have been wound back an hour and every shop you pass is most likely to have some sort of festive window installation.

That chill in the air also brings with it the threat of country-crippling weather, akin to ‘the beast from the east’.

Monsoon or blizzard, life must go on, so which cars are the best for dealing with the worst that winter can offer? Well, the team over at vehicle valuers HPI has listed its five favourites winter warriors.

Land Rover Defender

This iconic 4x4 went out of production in 2015 and as such, is highly sought after, if only for its all-terrain-conquering ability alone.

You won’t find one selling new, and with prices starting from around £5,000, reaching right up to £75,000, getting your hands on a tidy example gets pricier by the day.

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Toyota RAV4

Now in its fifth generation, Toyota’s hearty offroader [pictured] has been about since the mid-90s and has always been well designed and built to a high standard.

This reliable mile-muncher enjoys low depreciation, making it a solid investment. Whilst it isn’t the strongest off-road vehicle nor the best motorway car, it is a great all-rounder that should be able to face down anything winter throws at it.

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Porsche Macan

This Evoque-rival is undoubtedly the sportiest and youngest SUV on this list, injecting a capable offroader with the kind of slick performance and styling you’d expect from a Porsche.

Newly refreshed for 2019, the Macan can go from zero to 62mph in 6.5 seconds, with a top speed of 139mph.

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Volvo XC70

Not everyone is a fan of SUVs and thankfully, there are estate cars that pack in offroad prowess, like this: the Volvo XC70.

There’s the usual attention to safety with this super-sturdy vehicle that’s also great for towing.

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Dacia Duster

Not everyone has bucketloads of cash to throw at their car and affordability is something Dacia excels at.

A four-figure starting price for an SUV this well-built is amazing value for money that is increasingly scarce these days. Because the Duster is priced so low, depreciation isn’t nearly as severe as with its rivals.

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