Are Vauxhall’s The Best Vans In The UK?

2 Jul 2021

No matter what industry you work in, when it comes to your work van you need it to be reliable. Vauxhall are one of the oldest vehicle manufacturers in the UK and are known for being reliable and easy to handle. Vauxhall is such a strong British brand, it helps the vans sell (not that they need the help!). This is so relevant that Vauxhall even invented a new country - Britvan - to play on that heritage and instant recognition. 

Vauxhall vans are big sellers in the UK and are commonly found with a tradesperson not far away. This is down to their reliability, looks & toughness. Alongside being tough and reliable, those who have a Vauxhall van will agree that, as far as vans go, how comfortable they are to drive. 
So we’re going to look at the best vans from the best manufacturer in the UK. 

Vauxhall Vivaro

The Vauxhall Vivaro is a very popular choice for van drivers in the UK. Drivers have the option of either a panel van, double cab & specialist variants in 4 trim levels – Edition, Dynamic, Sportive and Elite. While the Vauxhall Vivaro Panel Van doesn't carry as much of a payload as other vehicles available, it’s a great drive regardless of whether it is loaded or not. The Vivaro van is comfortable to drive and can tackle even the toughest cobbled streets or pothole-filled roads in the UK.
The loading bay and its two sliding doors are where the Vivaro wins a lot of drivers over. With the sliding doors, there is also an excellent number of lashing points, simple load through and a steel bulkhead. To top it off, the generous payload, nearly 1400kg, is heavier even than some vans twice its size.
The modern yet sturdy Vivaro Panel Van comes with a dedicated tablet and smartphone holder, and the flip-down back of the seat can fit a laptop and even double as a desk for you to use while on a job. 

Vauxhall Combo Cargo

The Vauxhall Combo Cargo van has been a regular sight on UK’s roads and worksites for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t kept up with the times. The Vauxhall Combo launched in 2018 is now on its fifth generation, and the Combo gets better every time! 
The squarer body shape provides space inside alongside an increased payload of up to one tonne of cargo in the back. The Combo Cargo has a low floor that makes access easy and even a handy load indicator in the cargo area, which warns you if you are overloading the rear of the van. This front-runner in the small van class even has a comfortable cab and there's a raft of great safety kits available to make working life easier.
We know that the city-van market is fiercely competitive, but the Combo is a powerful rival to the likes of the Volkswagen Caddy or the Renault Kangoo. All Combo vans come with heated electric door mirrors, electric windows and a single sliding side door as standard. 

Vauxhall Movano Large Van

The Vauxhall Movano offers front and rear-wheel-drive panel vans, includes some of the latest safety & driver assistance technology and even comes in a range of vehicle options: 
- Double cab
- Minibus
- Chassis
- Crew
- Platform cab
The Vauxhall Movano shares a platform with the Renault Master & Nissan NV400 large panel vans and packs a lot under its bonnet. The new versions of the 2.3-litre diesel engines offer improved fuel economy and a smoother drive. These reliable engines also help this big van carry impressive payloads of up to 1600kg.
The Movano’s exterior has experienced a complete front-end redesign and a much-improved new cabin interior. You’ll find lots of storage and durable plastics and is the perfect addition to your commercial toolbox.
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