Audi e-tron 2020

1 Sep 2020

The amount of EV vehicles arriving on British roads this year is like never before. With the clear focus on a cleaner, greener future, manufacturers compete to provide the best solution to consumer demands. Audi’s e-tron doesn’t look to revolutionise the motoring industry, rather, gently persuades drivers to come around to an electric future. As such, the e-tron provides familiarity, sensibility while delivering the usual brand expectations.  

Driving The e-tron

In terms of performance, there is nothing new with the e-tron. It fully reflects the EV market for producing simplicity. There are no scary or unfamiliar driving modes to get your head around, which is reassuring for hesitant consumers.
Driving is quiet, smooth and straightforward. The e-tron comes in four modes; Off-road, Efficient, Dynamic and Comfort. In Efficient, the e-tron runs on optimum battery, so beware that the car will be behaving responsibly; ensure safety is maintained and you allow plenty of gap for pulling out of junctions. Dynamic produces a more lively drive, meanwhile, Off-road triggers the suspension to rise 3.5cm for additional clearance. Generally, Comfort is the default mode, with the alternative three options owning their place at different times.
The e-tron is a heavy car, but holds a strong balance due to its low centre of gravity. It is propelled by 48V of power, and it handles particularly well. Handling is surprisingly excellent in comparison to the e-tron’s competitors. It is important to mention that the e-tron is not fast, by electric standards at least. It is however, incredibly comfortable to drive. 

E-tron Interior Styling     

Audi designers have taken the cabin of the Q7 and styled it to appear like belongs in year 2030. They have, however, made the e-tron feel slightly impractical. The boot sill is high, which is a problem for dog owners. The middle seat is cramped, with the central panel reaching further back than necessary. 
It has been kept tidy though, with thoughtful touches such as stowaway areas for cables in the boot. The cabin is filled with precisely five screens (two for the central console, a dash screen for Audi’s peerless Virtual Cockpit, and two in place of the traditional wing mirrors). The driver’s seat provides an abundance of adjustability to ensure its occupant is able to interact with all five screens with minimal effort. Though the wing mirrors take some getting used to, especially in strong sun, the digitised central console is simple and concise - easy for those with even the most basic of techie knowledge to get their head around.

How Much To Buy Audi e-tron?

The starting price of £59,900 for an e-tron 50 Technik is incredibly competitive for the EV SUV industry, what’s more, the e-tron has some major advantages above its rivals. For example, it’s far more practical than the I-Pace. It is far more familiar to the undecided driver considering EVs in comparison to such models as Tesla’s Model X. In addition, it is more exciting both inside and outside than the Q7. 
While the basic edition has everything you need to enjoy Audi comforts, the step-up option, the 55 Launch Edition with a starting price of £82,310, provides a whole new level of aesthetics and safety features. With this model, you will be equipped with 21” alloys, super cool Matrix LED headlights, remote climate control, a panoramic roof and adaptive cruise control. 
For drivers who are looking to dip their toe in the waters of EV motoring, leasing produces a very sensible solution for both affordability and wavering commitment. If you would prefer to lease an Audi e-tron, cars2buy has sourced the best possible leasing deals across the web. Click here to view the best leasing deals on the e-tron.