Bentley Bentayga Review

27 May 2021

The Bentley Bentayga is the exclusive SUV that brings luxury to a new market by taking Bentley’s infamous interior quality and throwing it into a high-riding 4×4 for the first time. Bentley has marked a whole new direction for the prestigious British brand by launching the Bentayga. 

Since the rollout of their first SUV, the competition has started to jump onto the SUV bandwagon with cars such as the Aston Martin DBX and ultra-luxurious Rolls-Royce Cullinan following suit. When the Bentayga arrived, it was a trailblazer for high-end luxury SUVs and was virtually unchallenged for a short time. 
To help stand out from the crowd (like Bentley have ever had any issues doing THAT), the Bentayga was treated to a fancy update in 2020. Even though it was the fastest-selling Bentley of all time, there was a mixed reaction from critics and the public. 
Let’s take a look at what this car has to offer and what our critics are saying. 

What does the Bentley Bentayga have to offer?

Let's discuss the topic everyone is thinking We don’t think it’s under any doubt that, compared to the average Corsa, Fiat or Ford, the Bentley Bentayga costs significantly more. There, we said it. Even though it’s above the average cost of a new car, you will find that there’s enough equipment and upgrades included making you feel you’ve got what you paid for. To start with, the driver has a huge range of colours, leathers and wood veneers to choose from so you can have a car that is almost unique.
One thing that a lot of people are noticing is that it’s much bigger than most SUVs. The Bentayga is an impressive 5.1 metres long, 1.7 metres high and 2.2 metres across and weighs a hefty 2.4 tonnes. The bodywork and wide rear track allow the car's 21-inch wheels (22s are also available) to more fully fill the wheel arches.
As part of the Bentayga’s 2020 update, its interior received a number of changes. The tweaks were mostly the little details such as the two trademark eyeball air vents being switched out for a winged vent incorporating an analogue clock. The dashboard has also been fully digitised with classier map displays than an equivalent Audi, a newly smooth steering wheel with interior stitching so there’s no need to wear your driving gloves anymore), and even a remote control for rear passengers to control their own seats. 
Bentley also tweaked the exterior of its latest SUV. You will notice that the Bentayga wears a larger and more upright grille, elliptical front and rear lights and a larger rear wing.
“Versatile, genteel, luxurious SUV with a silken sporting edge”

Is the Bentley Bentayga a good car? 

Even though the Bentayga isn’t on everyone’s weekly shopping list, we cannot deny that it is a hugely significant and accomplished addition to the super-luxury set. Not only is it stylish (obviously) but it comes with all of the latest safety systems. Some examples include ‘predictive’ cruise control, rear cross-traffic alert which makes reversing safer and even has the option to add a 360-degree bird’s-eye camera and self-parking systems.
In our opinion, the Bentayga certainly feels built to last. If you have the funds to make this SUV your next car then we don’t think you will regret it. to it simply, the Bentayga has to be one of the most complete and compelling luxury products in the world.
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