BMW X5 vs Mercedes GLE

1 Sep 2020

Towards the end of 2019, two very interesting major automakers had released the latest model of their largest SUV, taking luxury 4x4s to a new height. They featured state of the art technology within the exterior and interior on the cars. 

The cars in question; The BMW X5 and the Mercedes GLE. Two very beautiful and impressive machines, they are sure to make your head turn when you see them on the road. However, if you are already looking into your next car, it can be difficult to make the decision between these two. In this article, we will be comparing the X5 with the GLE as they both enter the fighting ring, in order to help you determine which one is right for you.

Entering The Ring - X5 vs GLE

Off the bat, both SUVs are very similar in size and capacity. Both come in at 4.9 metres in length and 1.7 metres in height with a boot capacity of 650L. To make matters more similar, both basic models have on the road prices starting from just over £57,000. 
Clearly, so far, nothing is splitting these two apart. So let’s get down to the gritty details. Comparing the basic models, the BMW X5 pulls 0-60mph 0.7 seconds faster; However, to counter this, Mercedes have always been known to include more equipment as standard compared to other manufacturers such as BMW. 
An example of this is the GLE comes with the blind-spot assist, reversing camera, apple car play, adaptive headlights and a panoramic sliding sunroof. These are all additional specs on the BMW X5. However, that does not mean to say the X5 isn’t kitted out with impressive technology.

Sitting In the Driver's Seat

Mercedes have changed the game in 2019 with the new style of interior that includes one large screen across the whole dashboard. The new GLE, which is one of the last Mercedes models to include this design, has completely transformed the driving experience. 
This slick interior is amplified on the basic model as it includes more technology as standard than the BMW.
BMW has already re-designed the interior of their models, with X5 being one of the first to benefit from it. There is definitely a more luxurious and simplistic touch to the interior of the X5 compared to the GLE which is flashy.
This is a good difference, as the gritty specs are level, the interior design is very different which may be the tipping point for your decision. 

Why Buy When You Can Lease?

Over the last 5 years, car leasing has become more and more popular by the year. With cars becoming more expensive as technology improves, it can seem to be a no brainer to lease. Especially when it comes to two giant cars like the BMW X5 and Mercedes GLE. 
It’s understandable if you are hesitant to spend £57,000+ on a car and that is the beauty of leasing. Click here to view leasing options for the BMW X5 from as little as £533 a month! Click here to view the leasing options for the Mercedes GLE coming in at £515 a month.