Brits 'prefer classic icons over thrill rides'

25 Jun 2019

Brits 'prefer classic icons over thrill rides'

You might assume that every petrolhead dreams about getting behind the wheel of a supercar, but it seems all us Brits really want is the chance to drive a true icon.

That's the discovery of new research by, which found its track experiences that allow people to book a few laps in a Mini are now outselling other offers by 15 per cent.

The classic cars have even overtaken the Jaguar E-Type, in the popularity stakes if not for speed.

It comes as the Mini prepares to celebrate its 60th birthday in the UK with a range of nostalgic celebrations. spokesperson Imran Malek said this shows our love affair with the quirky little motor is stronger than ever.

"Many drivers would prefer to get behind the wheel of this iconic compact, which still packs its own punch, rather than experience even faster thrills in some of the other classics available to drive, such as the Jaguar E-Type and Aston Martin Vantage," he added.

Interestingly, the company also found the average age of customers booking driving experiences in the Mini is 55 to 65, suggesting many motorists may be keen to turn back the clock and relive their youth.

Don't worry too much about the superfast supercars not getting out of the garage enough, though. According to a previous study by the same company, there is still plenty of demand - from hen parties.

Apparently, ladies bored of the same old, same old are now eager to experience the thrill of driving powerful machines including Ferraris, Lamborghinis or McLarens and are booking track days at a rate 65 per cent higher than last year.

This means as many bookings are taking place for hen parties as for stag dos, with expecting the girls to overtake the boys in 2020.