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Many of us take for granted the opportunities that a car symbolises. With its daily usage devoted to the dull work commute, school runs, fulfilling general errands or grocery shopping trips, we forget that a car can be utilised in far more exciting contexts. A car also gives access to, well, the world! Road trips are famed for allowing adventurers the ability to witness landscapes close up, with the advantage of convenience and freedom.    As a motor enthusiast, an adventurer, or someone who fancies the idea of a holiday with a twist, there is no better way to enhance a tour of Europe than by car.    From the snaking turns of the Italian coastline to Germany’s straight, smooth any-speed-goes Autobahn, touring Europe by car allows you to satisfy an unquenchable thirst, if only temporarily, to explore the contrasting panoramas this continent has to offer. Let’s explore the top ten best road trips in Europe you have to experience!

It has been a very hard few years for the Land Rover brand, even under the control and ownership of Jaguar. The brand has been struggling for a long time, but things were finally starting to turn around, just as Covid-19 hit the world.   The brand was starting to grow in sales, with high demand for the Land Rover Defender, but that has obviously hit a stumbling block during the lockdown around the world.   However, Jaguar has been adapting in preparation for a Post-Covid world in relation to the Land Rover brand.

It goes without mention that the entrance into a new decade has been challenging for the motor industry. Prior to the dreaded pandemic, cars, as we know them, were in the midst of a transformation. While current circumstances have decelerated the burst of new registrations on the road, this doesn’t make this list of the most popular cars of 2020 any less interesting!

The last few months have been a trying time for everyone, and the idea of replacing your old car with a new one might not have been at the forefront of your mind. However, as tensions ease and some sense of normality returns, you might be revisiting that idea but finding you have a number of unanswered questions.   So, we wanted to take the time to look at the more pressing questions about car leasing during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Every year, the Geneva Motor Show brings us the latest news and concepts for the motor industry. It is one of the biggest highlight events of the year, bringing in thousands of attendees and showcasing the best of the best when it comes to cars.   However, this year it was overshadowed by the growing health issues in the world. As such, whilst the main event was cancelled, many of the manufacturers used the internet to bring us the concept cars and news that we were all so desperate to get our hands on.   There were so many new models and concepts revealed, but we wanted to collate our favourites. So, take a look at these amazing cars and prepare to whet your appetite for the future.

Leasing a SEAT in the UK in 2020 looks to be an increasingly popular decision. The brand has always owned an ability to parallel economic value with aesthetic pleasure, becoming particularly appealing to younger consumers. However, the exciting release of the SEAT Ateca in 2016 (the brand’s first SUV-crossover) suggested a goal to attract a wider net of in-market drivers. Since, SEAT has been living up to every consumer’s expectations with such models as the Leon, Ibiza, Toledo and Ateca earning continual approval and popularity. In this article, we put the spotlight on SEAT and show you why you should consider SEAT lease deals this year.

Though it is positive to see the government pushing forward with efforts to combat global warming, it seems that this particular change in legislation is both unfounded and unnecessary. Firstly, it now includes hybrid vehicles. Secondly, it affects car manufacturers who are already trying to overcome the original deadline. 

It goes without mention that the motoring world has witnessed some significant changes, with some of the most dramatic having developed only in the last ten years or so.    The world is changing and society is adjusting to shifting trends and movements; the car industry is by no means an exception. With social pressures supporting environmentally-friendly living, and as a counter move to the number of drivers on the roads, there is a clear evolution towards greener vehicles, greener motoring laws, and greater safety consciousness. 

Leasing allows you to have the coolest, most advanced and most up-to-date in-car tech in the motoring industry. It goes without mention that cars are being built with functions that support efficiency and sustainability (with the Zero-Emissions law set in full motion). The other most common advances are by and large categorised between safety, comfort and automation. In this article, we look at the new car technology that you should keep your eye on as we enter a new decade! 

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