Consider picking a new colour for 2018

27 Dec 2017

Fashions change with the seasons, with grey being the new black and lilac set to become the new white. But did you know this also applies to cars?

Focusing on what model, what features and get the best deals all make sense, but make sure you also consider what colour you want to opt for and what it says about you.

Here is our guide to the 2018 spectrum of colour


This is one of the most popular but also most striking colours to choose. For some, it might seem a little garish, but fans of red bodywork see it as a sure sign of prestige and a driver who is full of confidence.

It almost goes without saying that there is one manufacturer which has to be considered a primary contributor to this - Ferrari. The Italian sports giant has built an international empire based on its reputation for cars that are premium, powerful and inevitably expensive.  What's more, most Ferraris come in a wide range of colours, but red has always shone through as its trademark.

In terms of a person's character, too, red signifies someone who is strong-willed and always prepared to take the lead.


Deep and navy blues are always at the top of many people's priority lists, with research conducted by the AA indicating that more than six out of every 10 cars produced are now red, silver or blue.

These colours are deemed to be subtle and calming, creating impression of a driver who is in perfect control and is rarely flustered. Critics of deep blues occasionally claim that it is a slightly bland choice that could risk fading into the background, but this could have its advantages.

Some people worry that choosing a car colour that is too outlandish could affect their chance of getting a good deal when it comes to selling the vehicle on to someone else. This could be true, after all natural colours that don't come as much of a shock are likely to generally have a broader appeal.


In the modern world of space age technology, it is perhaps not surprising to find out that chrome and metallic finishes are among the most popular for new cars. According to Glass' Information Services, a car with metallic paint job could fetch as much as £200 more than an identical model with a base colour.

A metallic car colour suggests it is owned by someone who is moving with the times and savvy when it comes to anticipating the future.