Drivers given sat nav tips

11 May 2017

Motorists are being given tips on how to use sat navs in a safe way and avoid potential accidents.

IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman, is encouraging those behind the wheel to make sure they are not distracted by in-car navigation systems.

Drivers are advised to make sure they programme their journey before heading out and not to try to change their route while moving – instead find a safe place to pull over.

It is also vital to know the features of the sat nav before embarking on a trip and making able to mute or control the system remotely could help limit distractions.  

Remember sat nav systems can be tempted to thieves, so make sure to put it in the glove compartment and ensure there is no tell-tale ring marks on the window that highlights a sat nav may be in the car.

Above all, motorists are reminded not to completely rely on technology when travelling to unfamiliar areas.

Mr Gladman said: “Satellite navigation can be a fantastic tool if you use it to help you plan and conduct your journey. A tale of caution though it is always a good idea to have an idea where you are going. Don’t be scared to have a glance on the map. If I was going to St Ives I could potentially be guided 350 miles out of my way if I relied totally on the navigation unit.”

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