Drivers offered video tips on simple motor maintenance

16 Jul 2019

A series of how-to videos could help drivers remember how to check their vehicles over.

Even if you're looking into treating yourself to a brand new car, it's vital to keep it properly looked after through a little vehicle maintenance now and again.

However, it's fair to say that many of us probably haven't learned how to perform checks on our cars since taking our driving test - and that might be some time ago, with the associated lapse in recall in between.

However, GEM Motoring Assist has come to the rescue by publishing a set of short how-to videos on its website that cover the simple tasks you can do at home every few weeks.

The clips all last just a couple of minutes and include guides on checking tyre pressure, tyre tread, oil levels and even screen wash - and, importantly, what to do if they're running low.

Presenter Katy Brody is on hand throughout to demonstrate and impart what are designed to be user-friendly, practical and accessible tips for everyone.

GEM road safety officer Neil Worth said that with many people planning on taking to the roads as the school holidays approach, it is essential to know how to look after a car.

He pointed out that with the videos close to hand on the GEM website, there is no excuse not to get round to taking a look under the bonnet.

"Proper car maintenance not only helps keep you and your passengers safe on your journey, it also reduces the risks of serious, expensive problems occurring in the future," Mr Worth concluded.

Earlier this month, IAM RoadSmart's Richard Gladman said it is vital to put together an emergency kit for summer journeys just as motorists would for winter.

This should include drinks, snacks and other essentials packed in the boot and ready to access in case of heatwaves.

He also underlined the importance of staying hydrated and taking regular breaks in order to combat fatigue during hotter days.