Drivers urged to take care as rain batters Britain

24 Sep 2019

Drivers urged to take care as rain batters Britain

Drivers have been urged to take extra care on their journeys today (September 24th 2019) and for the rest of the week after the Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for rain.

The organisation warned central and southern parts of the UK could be battered by heavy rain, gusty winds and even thunder, with the worst of the weather likely to be during rush hour this evening.

It's all down to what remains of Hurricane Humberto, which hit Bermuda and is now bringing its remnants of rain to our shores.

The Met Office said there could be a danger to life from significant flooding, with particular risks for drivers.

This band of inclement weather and its accompanying weather warning is set to last until 23:00 GMT, but another flurry of wind and rain is likely to follow it over the coming days, particularly for the south of England and Wales.

With this in mind, IAM RoadSmart's Richard Gladman has offered some tips on driving safely in a torrential downpour.

First, he stressed the importance of keeping a braking distance of at least four seconds between yourself and the vehicle in front, as this will give you the chance to stop in an emergency.

Next came the advice to check your windscreen is clean and your wipers are effective before every journey - and that if you need your wipers, then you probably need your headlights, too.

To recover in the event of aquaplaning, Mr Gladman told motorists to ease off the accelerator and not to make any sudden steering actions. The car should then be able to regain its grip on its own.

Finally, anyone using Britain's roads was urged not to drive through standing water unless they can be absolutely sure the depth is shallow enough to pass through safely.

"Take extra care and if possible, avoid driving through standing water. If you're in any doubt about the depth or surface underneath a flood, then it's best not to take any chances," Mr Gladman concluded.