Euro NCAP names best in class for 2018

17 Dec 2018

Road safety is an increasingly relevant area. Every year, Road Safety Week wins more exposure and involvement from companies, while car makers are constantly investigating how technology can improve the safety of their models.

If the safety credentials of your next car are a major concern, then you’ll probably be more than a little interested in Euro NCAP’s annual best in class list, which highlights the safest cars to launch in the last 12 months.

The list this year was led by the Lexus ES, which topped not only the large family car category, but the hybrid and electric group too.

Mercedes-Benz’s A?Class was the safest new model in the small family car segment, which shouldn’t have been surprising considering it scored 2018’s strongest overall result earlier this year.

Finally, the Hyundai NEXO was deemed to be the safest large off-roader on the marker. All three cars secured five-star safety ratings during crash tests.

Michiel van Ratingen, secretary general at Euro NCAP, said this year’s winners “clearly demonstrate that car makers are striving for the highest levels of protection” and that the organisation’s assessments were “a catalyst for these crucial safety improvements”.

2018 saw Euro NCAP assess automated driving technology for the first time in a bid to wipe away any confusion amongst motorists regarding what the tech can actually do.

“Assisted driving systems can bring safety and convenience benefits, but full automation is a long way off,” added Mr van Ratingen.

“We will follow and assess these developments closely and ensure that consumers have all the information they need when considering these new driver technologies.”

In 2017, Volkswagen dominated Euro NCAP’s best in class rundown with three VWs making up half of the list: the Arteon, T-Roc and Polo.

Subaru surprised many by getting two cars in there (XV, Impreza), while the ever-safety-conscious Volvo completed proceedings with the XC60.

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