Every electric car ranked by mile range

26 Oct 2018

Anyone with even the briefest experience of a modern electric car is likely to tell you they’re an absolute joy.

From their futuristic looks to the smooth and virtually silent drive to the complete absence of tailpipe emissions, electric vehicles (EVs) are easy to love.

The best news is that the number of battery-powered models is on the rise all the time as more and more car makers get in on the electric act.

One thing holding back electric cars though is just how far you can go in them before they need recharging. This concern is commonly known as ‘range anxiety’: the fear of running out of electric juice and being stranded with a useless hunk of metal.

It’s an unfounded worry though. Most motorists drive less than 60 miles a day on average, which is well within the capabilities of even the most basic electric cars.

Nonetheless, a considerable portion of motorists remain unclear over what kind of distance these cars can realistically do on a single charge.

So we’ve picked out every electric car available in the UK right now (or in the not-too-distant future), and ranked them based on their single-charge mileage.

An EV’s real-world range depends on various factors, such as road and weather conditions, traffic levels and driving style. Currently, not every EV has been assessed under the worldwide harmonized light vehicles test procedure (WLTP), so to keep things fair, we’re sticking with figures from New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) tests.

18. Renault Twizy: 62 miles

17. Citroen C-Zero: 93 miles

16. Peugeot iOn: 93 miles

15. Volkswagen e-Up: 99 miles

14. Smart EQ: 99 miles

13. Volkswagen e-Golf: 144 miles

12. Morgan EV3: 150 miles

11. Kia Soul EV: 155 miles

10. Nissan e-NV200 Combi: 174 miles

9. Hyundai Ioniq Electric: 174 miles

8. BMW i3 42kwh: 225 miles

7. Nissan Leaf 40kWh: 235 miles

6. Renault Zoe R110 ZE 40: 250+ miles

5. Mercedes-Benz EQC400 80kWh: 280 miles

4. DS 3 Crossback E-Tense: 280 miles

3. Audi E-tron 95kWh: 300+ miles

2. Jaguar I-Pace: 336 miles

1. Tesla Model X P100D: 336 miles