Get ready for a lighter Corsa

16 Apr 2019

The fifth generation Corsa will be significantly lighter than the outgoing model.

Anyone test-driving a new Vauxhall Corsa soon might notice the handling is easier and the car even nippier than was the case in previous models.

That's because the fifth generation of the popular design has achieved significant weight loss thanks to a range of innovative design features.

The new Corsa - available to order from this summer onwards - weighs just 980 kg, 108 kg less than its predecessor. This will lead to improved performance and increased efficiency, even though the overall dimensions remain the same.

Vauxhall said its use of various steel grades, an all-aluminium construction and a rare aluminium bonnet were among the tricks used to enable this weight reduction.

In addition, customers going for new Corsa deals will be able to go fully electric for the first time thanks to the new Corsa Battery Electric Vehicle, as well as choosing from a range of efficient petrol or diesel engines.

The Corsa made its debut in 1993 and has shifted more than two million units in the UK alone.