Jaguar Land Rover Adapting To A Post Covid-19 World

7 Sep 2020

It has been a very hard few years for the Land Rover brand, even under the control and ownership of Jaguar. The brand has been struggling for a long time, but things were finally starting to turn around, just as Covid-19 hit the world.

The brand was starting to grow in sales, with high demand for the Land Rover Defender, but that has obviously hit a stumbling block during the lockdown around the world.
However, Jaguar has been adapting in preparation for a Post-Covid world in relation to the Land Rover brand.

Impact Mitigation

One of the first steps that Jaguar had to take was to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 and the lockdown on their business. According to Rawdon Glover (head of Jaguar Land Rover UK), they had to move swiftly and cut away anything that wasn’t a specific necessity.
Following that, the company started putting together a new package for retailers, in order to make life as easy as possible for them.
Glover stated in an interview with AutoCar that “we’re now turning to the restart phase. We’ve made huge progress at dealer network and industry level on how to move forward.” So it is very clear that Jaguar Land Rover has been hard at work, getting things ready for what is to come, as well as trying to counteract the issues that have already happened.
But, that leads us on to the next stage of their preparation - looking to recover the sales lost during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Sales Recovery

During the interview, Rawdon Glover stated that he does not think sales from March and April are likely to bounce back. He reports that there are a large number of vehicles held in stock due to the shortage of sales, so transporting those to retailers is the firm’s first priority once the lockdown has been lifted.
According to Glover, Jaguar Land Rover has more orders on the books this year than last, so they are in a good place in that sense. This will help to give them the boost they need once lockdown has been lifted.

Accelerated Online Sales

Throughout the lockdown, Jaguar Land Rover has been working on their online sales systems, allowing for an increase in the number of people purchasing new vehicles whilst at home during the lockdown.
This has helped to push Jaguar Land Rover in a slightly different direction, meaning that they are now set up and prepared for any potential issue that could arise again. Through the improved online sales systems as well as the new package for retailers, Jaguar Land Rover seems to have adapted extremely well to the Covid-19 lockdown. On top of this, everything appears to be in place for them to grow and recover in a post-Covid-19 world, once the lockdown has been eased and customers are ready to purchase once again.