Kia introduces protection from keyless car theft

3 Jul 2019

Kia introduces protection from keyless car theft

Kia has responded to the growing threat from keyless car theft by introducing a device designed to protect its vehicles from criminals.

The KiaSafe case is similar to a Faraday cage and uses a layer of metal to block the relay attack devices thieves use to gain a frequency from the nearby car key and access the motor.

It will be available to anyone purchasing a new or used Kia with a keyless entry system, so it's worth looking out for if you happen to be checking out new car deals this summer.

However, participating dealers will also be stocking the KiaSafe case for a retail price of £9.99 so existing owners can benefit from the technology too.

Meanwhile, Kia said it is continuing to work on ensuring future keyless entry systems are as close to attack-proof as possible.

Brand spokesperson David Hart said: "The security of our customers' vehicles comes second only to safety and we are as concerned about the hacking of keyless entry systems as customers, the police and the insurance industry. We encourage owners to adopt protection behaviours as advised by the police and to use the KiaSafe to ensure their key fobs are rendered safe from hacking."

Some 120,000 vehicles were reported stolen last year according to figures from the Home Office, with a growing number of these the result of thieves using technology to bypass entry systems on keyless cars.

It is something manufacturers are becoming increasingly concerned about and a number of them are now working on anti-theft solutions. For example, Ford recently revealed it has created a new motion sensor that causes its key fobs to go into sleep mode after a period of no movement, with the devices only reactivated after they are physically picked up.