Kia reveals pioneering gear technology for hybrids

24 Jul 2019

Kia reveals pioneering gear technology for hybrids

The parent company of Kia Motors has revealed a pioneering piece of new technology that could change the face of hybrid car production forever.

Hyundai Motor Group said it has completed the world's first Active Shift Control (ASC) transmission technology, which is now set for mass production on hybrid vehicles.

It explained that the innovation optimises transmission efficiency by monitoring gear shifts 500 times per second, allowing for the precise adjustment of transmission rotation speed for faster shift times.

In layman's terms, this equates to a reduction in gear shift time of 30 per cent and means smoother gear changes despite this boost in speed.

This not only improves the acceleration performance of the hybrid vehicle and therefore its fuel economy, but also increases the durability of the transmission through a reduction in friction, something that could lead to greater longevity for the vehicle and its parts.

Hyundai Motor Group's KyoungJoon Chang called the technology a remarkable innovation in automatic transmission.

"It will not only save fuel but also provide a more fun driving experience for our customers," he added.

Currently, conventional hybrid vehicles do not have torque converters because they lose energy during the transmission process.

It may be that this leap forward in engineering for hybrid cars leads to an increase in interest in greener vehicles, as well as raising Kia's already sterling reputation.

Indeed, Kia Motors in the UK recently announced that it had achieved its best-ever May sales figure of 7,279 vehicles, up by eight per cent since 2018.

As of early June 2019, it had delivered 44,705 cars to customers, including 4,066 alternative-fuelled-vehicles such as the-Niro battery electric vehicle.

The favourite was the Sportage, closely followed by the Picanto.