Kia teams up with Sky to encourage EV purchases

29 Aug 2019

Kia teams up with Sky to encourage EV purchases

Kia has teamed up with media superbrand Sky in a bid to encourage people to ditch their petrol and diesel vehicles for electric and hybrid models.

The quirky advertising campaign features an all-child cast and sees the youngsters explore a range of electric cars as part of a light-hearted three-minute film.

During the ad, the kids ask all manner of questions concerning green cars that adults might have thought of but haven't dared ask.

Kia hopes that having the clips on TV regularly will raise awareness of its electric car range among families, while also boosting brand warmth.

The campaign will run from now until September 29th 2019 and you'll be able to see it in digital displays and social media, as well as on the telly.

"Sky Media will be the perfect partner for our brand. Being able to amplify our wide range of electric and alternative fuelled models will ensure that our electric credentials are seen by a wide range of consumers that are a sure fit within our target demographic," said Jane Fenn, head of brand communications at Kia.

Kia created one of the first electric cars to come to market when it launched the Soul EV in 2014, and has continued to expand its collection of hybrid and plug-in hybrid models - as well as full EVs - since then.

Recently, it debuted the Kia e-Niro, which is available in pure electric, plug-in hybrid and a hybrid, both with petrol engines.

This model has been almost universally lauded and hailed as a real game-changer for the green car market, particularly since it offers a claimed, class-leading range of 282 miles.

So, what do you think? Have you seen the new ads yet, and would they give you the final push you need to start looking for new car deals on hybrid or electric cars? Or are you more of a traditionalist still?