Most Popular Cars Of 2020 So Far

3 Sep 2020

It goes without mention that the entrance into a new decade has been challenging for the motor industry. Prior to the dreaded pandemic, cars, as we know them, were in the midst of a transformation. While current circumstances have decelerated the burst of new registrations on the road, this doesn’t make this list of the most popular cars of 2020 any less interesting!

Tesla Model 3

With a sales format of online-only, it is possible that the Tesla Model 3 gains an advantage over competitors during a period where we’re encouraged to stay at home. It might also be speculated that the last few months have swayed consumer’s buying habits towards the most environmentally-friendly vehicles. 
In any sense, while a fantastic example of motoring technology, it is a surprise to see the Tesla Model 3 as the most popular vehicle sold in April 2020! If you are interested in a leasing deal for the Tesla Model 3, making it both ecologically- and economically-friendly, click here

Vauxhall Corsa

It has been a particularly trying time for the Corsa; the introduction of the freshest version to British roads only two weeks before dealerships were forced to close. However, ever the worthy contender, it fell only slightly short in sales behind the latest Mini (also one of the most popular cars in 2020). 
Once things settle and consumers become more confident, the new Corsa of 2020 offers sexy, bold exterior lines, 10% less weight than its predecessor (which helps with parking in tighter spots) and a great deal more driver-assist functions. If leasing the Vauxhall Corsa is an enticing prospect, click here for the best deals available.

Mini Hatch

The Mini Hatch became the best British-built* car two months in a row this year when it edged the Ford Focus out of third place by only a handful of units in February. With a superior cabin configuration, powerful engine and quick response, the Mini Hatch remains one of the favourites in the supermini class in 2020. Click here for the best Mini Hatch leasing deals.
*Not all Minis are manufactured in the UK, so check ahead if this is an attribute you are looking for. 

Nissan Qashqai

Responsible for knocking the Mini Hatch out of first place for best-selling British built car in March, the Qashqai reclaimed its capacity to bolster the Nissan brand - taking almost 50% of the manufacturer’s sales. 
While a more advanced version is expected this year (boasting a focus on comfort and smart interior-tech), the current model maintains a status as a reliable, spacious, yet, compact SUV crossover. The Qashqai forever holds a place in consumer’s hearts making it one of the most popular cars of 2020. For the best leasing deals on the Nissan Qashqai, click here

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

If the A-Class didn’t make it to the list, would this article even count? Reigning the title of the most popular car of 2019, it seems inevitable that the Mercedes-Benz A-Class would continue to strive for the top position this year; and boy, is it working for it! 
With a yet sleeker, more brazen exterior expression, and further technological advances that serve to accentuate the user experience (such as the overhauled AI voice control system and augmented reality navigation), the A-Class is a clear contender for the title of the most popular car for another year running. If you’d like to get your hands on the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class, click here for the best leasing deals so far in 2020. 

Car Leasing In 2020

While challenges persist within the auto industry this year, it doesn’t mean that leasing a car in 2020 should be any less attractive as a purchasing option for your next vehicle. If anything, current circumstances prove just how imperative it is to have access to the latest safety and comfort gadgets, while, as a driver, contributing to the efforts towards bringing all greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050. As such, see this list as an incentive for some seriously strong leasing options once we enter the light at the end of the tunnel.