New Electric Vehicle Charging Points Coming To UK Homes

25 Nov 2021

After the conventional banning of petrol and diesel cars by 2030 was announced in 2020, it has left many drivers curious as to how they will get their hands on an electric vehicle and how they will charge it. With many drivers calling for grants, assistance and more clarification from the Government, Boris Johnson has announced that all new homes and workplaces built in England from 2022 will need to have an electric vehicle (EV) charging points as standard.

Though the Prime Minister is yet to confirm full details of his ambitious plans, the basis of the announcement was that all new homes in England will be required to be fitted with charge points for electric cars. The announcement is said to be a part of the Government's goal to facilitate the infrastructure improvements necessary for the planned mass adoption of EVs.
England will lead the world to mandate such large-scale building regulations, kicking off a decade of delivery in hundreds of thousands of charge points in a bid to create further green jobs across the country.
The announcement was made while talking to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) on the 22nd November 2021 and, according to Johnson, will impact new homes and buildings such as supermarkets and workplaces. An exact implementation date and the full plan is set to be confirmed following consultation. The UK Government has estimated that the requirement will prompt the installation of up to 145,000 extra charging points each year through to 2030. In addition to this, a new three-year loan programme with a £150m funding pot will be operated through Innovate UK to support SMEs in meeting the requirements.
As it stands, the rules don’t affect new-build houses that don’t currently have off-street parking, but the Government is also investing heavily in research projects that have included wireless charge points, and even charge points that rise up from the pavement.
Over the past few years, it has become apparent that rates of current and planned charging point installations in the UK are being outpaced by the growth of the nation’s EV stock. This, alongside the approaching petrol and diesel ban, has forced the Government's hand in supplying more accessible points to charge EV’s. The plans currently state that up to 145,000 extra charge points will be installed across England each year thanks to these regulations.
Speaking at the CBI event, the Prime Minister said: 
“This is a pivotal moment - we cannot go on as we are. We have to adapt our economy to the green industrial revolution. We have to use our massive investment in science and technology and we have to raise our productivity”
The mandate will apply to developers of new residential housing as well as non-residential buildings such as supermarkets and offices and even as far as those undergoing large scale renovations which leaves them with over 10 parking spaces.
Additionally, Highways England announced plans to invest £11m in battery energy storage systems at service stations which is set to assist with the uptake of EV charging points in areas where grid constraints can stall or impact installations. After consulting with industry experts and shareholders, the Government will also be going further to make it easier and simpler for people to go electric. These steps include introducing simpler ways to pay whilst travelling at all-new fast and rapid charge points.
The drive towards Electric Vehicles comes as the UK Government aims to meet stringent targets for air quality and pollution caused by internal combustion engine emissions. While this is a great next step in the green initiative, MPs are still urging the implementation of simplified payment systems and greater consumer protections for public charging points. 
While there is still a big journey until the UK becomes a green leader, it’s safe to say that these steps are going to benefit the lives of people living in the UK and the EV industry. If you’re concerned about going electric or unsure about which EV is best for you, check out the cars2buy website today for more information.