New engine and fancy tech hits Jaguar E-Pace

13 Jun 2018

Jaguar’s E-Pace has gained an efficient new petrol engine and ‘smart settings’ that learn a driver’s tastes and preferences.

Priced from £33,260, the 197bhp Ingenium engine is said to be clean and efficient yet also fairly nippy, dispatching 0-60mph in 7.7 seconds whilst returning 34.4mpg and emitting 186g/km CO2.

The new engine comes with the same advanced technologies found across the rest of Jaguar’s Ingenium engine family, such as a twin-scroll turbocharger, continuously variable valve lift and variable cam timing, which work to enhance power and efficiency as well as drivability.

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AI is playing an increasing role in new cars and algorithms have been introduced to the E-Pace to learns the habits and tastes of its driver, predicting seat, climate and music preferences.

The car recognises the approaching driver, based on a key fob and smartphone Bluetooth signal. It will then adjust the seat, climate and infotainment system according to the driver’s normal preference.

Up to eight profiles can be set up, making it ideal for fleets and car-sharing families.

This short clip tells you more:

Meanwhile, ‘Adaptive Dynamics’ have been introduced, offering improved handling response, body control and ride.

Technology monitors vehicle movements every two milliseconds and calculates the required damping force every ten milliseconds to respond instantly to the driver’s inputs and road surface changes, providing greater control and minimising body roll.

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