Nio plans Tesla rival

31 Jan 2018

Chinese automaker Nio are hoping their next vehicle will offer an alternative to the more expensive Tesla X.

The Nio ES8 is a seven-seater electric SUB with an anticipated range of 220 miles, with initial pricing set to be around £50,000. Each axle is equipped with a 70KWh battery and will allow a speed of 0-62 mph in 4.4 seconds.

It is also expected Nio will release an additional model that will offer motorists a range of 311 miles - although further details and cost have not yet been released.

There is also limited information on the interior of the model, but it is expected to have two LED displays, as well as the ability to process voice commands. Nio has also developed a number of safety features for the car including self-park mode and several cameras and sensors that could make the car semi-autonomous.

Nio has yet to reveal when the car is planned to go on general release in Europe. 

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