Nissan Plan On The Next Nissan Micra Being Electric

1 Feb 2022

A replacement for the Nissan Micra supermini has finally been teased and it seems that the long-serving Micra is getting the electric treatment, and Nissan is getting some help from Renault to make it happen.

Apparently launching in 2025, the new electric Micra is going to be closely related to the new Renault 5 and will even be built in the same plant in France. The new Nissan Micra is said to be sold alongside the current Nissan Leaf and Nissan Ariya as the brand’s entry-level EV.
While the news about the new electric Nissan is exciting for the industry, it isn’t a huge shock since Nissan has already announced it was working on a smaller EV that was designed to replace the current Nissan Micra. For those that don’t know already, the Nissan Micra is a sporty yet compact hatchback that’s currently only sold in Europe and other select markets. 
Nissan even showed some teaser images alongside the announcement and it is our first look at Nissan’s next-generation small car, and it seems the Japanese brand is favouring a retro theme. It has a contrasting roof, cute circular lights, and pronounced shoulders at the back like the Z and Juke.
This isn’t the first that we have seen a retro-looking mini as they seem to be booming in the industry at the moment. When it launches by 2025, the Micra will face off against the Honda e, MINI Electric and the ORA Cat, a Chinese supermini set to come to the UK. Each of these motors has circular headlights and snazzy styling, and Nissan’s teaser image suggests the Micra will follow those styling cues as well alongside a flat-roofed hatchback design with more pronounced curves at the front and rear.
While this EV is still a fairly big car, it almost looks like someone combined the modern design with the supermini Micras that were sold between 2002 and 2017. While some competitors are still putting some high prices on their new EV’s, Nissan and partner Renault are stating that this time things will be different. The 5 and Micra will use a new electric platform called CMF-B EV already being developed by Renault. It is said to use the Megane/Ariya's Google-based connected system. It shares with the Clio and current Micra suspension parts and seats and so on, saving more cost. It's also got excellent aerodynamics. All of which, roughly, makes the new Renault 5 and Micra a third cheaper to build and 10% more efficient to drive than the Zoe.
Renault and Nissan have already sold a million electric cars between them, and are fully capable of being able to get battery costs down for both manufacturing and purchasing. It is also worth mentioning that the new platform has been designed especially for electric vehicles, so it shares some parts with the bigger electric Megane and Ariya and next Leaf, but has a cheaper type of battery chemistry. The two companies share a common CMF-BEV platform, as part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. This shared platform will be seen across upcoming cars such as the Renault 5 and is said to reduce costs by 33%. Lower costs are especially important, especially for an entry-level car, and hopefully means the electric Micra will be even more accessible.
“The goal is to have parity on price with ICEs but better performance” Ashwani Gupta - Nissan's COO 
The goal for the two-car manufacturers isn’t just for their cars to be affordable and efficient, but they also need to be desirable. While extra legislation and taxes are driving more people to EVs, it also helps that these new generations of electric cars are appealing to drive and be seen driving. With the new electric, Micra will have a range of '400km' or 250 miles WLTP from a battery of 'just over' 50kWh, it should start appealing to drivers who are still sceptical of an EVs range. The outgoing Nissan Micra is set to challenge the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa by offering good value, lots of equipment and sporty looks. 
A lot of experts are starting to notice that the new Micra might just be a Nissan Leaf in disguise. In some ways this is true. There are some obvious comparisons that need to be made with the Nissan Leaf which is an entry-level EV and the only pure electric Nissan on sale. However, the industry already knows that the Leaf is on its way out. Nissan previously announced that it was developing an all-electric crossover to replace the current model in 2025. In some way, the Leaf served its purpose and is succeeded by all future Nissan EVs rather than just a single car. Let’s just hope that there’s enough choice at entry-level price points to make sure people can actually buy one.
Keep your eyes peeled for the release dates of this exciting new electric Nissan. If you can’t wait that long then check out our range of Nissan’s available to lease or buy new today. If you have questions about which electric car is right for you, check out this blog or contact our team.