Planning ahead may save lives

30 Nov 2017

Many drivers speed because they are running late, reveals a new survey.

Research from Venson Automotive Solutions showed 28 per cent of motorists admitted to spending because they didn’t allow enough time for their journey, while 25 per cent said they broke the speed limit to catch up on time lost by being stuck in traffic.

Recent figures from the Department for Transport show that breaking the speed limit or travelling too fast for the weather conditions are major factors in 23 per cent of fatal crashes on Britain’s roads.

Simon Staton, director of client management at Venson Automotive Solutions, said: “It’s clear from our survey that many people are tempted to speed when they are running late, whether it’s because of traffic or just leaving the house later than planned.  

“However, the analysis conducted by Brake proves how vital it is that drivers allow themselves enough time to do what they need to do before they set off in the morning, to avoid unnecessary heartache.

“Most people have access to journey planners or radio traffic updates, so a few minutes planning the night before or before you set off can help save time, and in turn, saving time can save lives.”