Reviews roll in for Ford Fiesta ST Performance Edition - Are you getting one?

23 Aug 2019

Reviews roll in for Ford Fiesta ST Performance Edition - Are you getting one?

Fans of the Ford Fiesta are no doubt getting excited as the first delivery dates for the brand new ST Performance Edition draw ever closer.

The hot hatchback has been available to order since early this summer, but in September the first real examples will start to hit showrooms.

What's more, the all-important reviews from Britain's top motoring magazines have been rolling in, and everyone seems to be looking favourably upon this special edition of one of our all-time favourite motor models.

In case you missed it, Ford announced the upcoming release of the Fiesta ST Performance Edition back in April, revealing that it would be strictly limited to just 600 units and exclusive to the UK market.

The Performance Edition is based on the ST-3 with Performance Pack, but adds flow-formed 18-inch alloy wheels - and did we mention the bright orange paintwork?

Other changes include the replacement of standard springs and dampers with adjustable coilovers, which reduce the height of the front and rear ride by around 10mm for a sportier feel.

You'll also find the Performance Edition comes equipped with LED headlights and a state-of-the-art B&O premium audio system as standard.

Of course, all this exclusivity comes at a price, with the new model costing some £3,000 more than the regular ST-3 at around £26,495 on the road.

However, perhaps you'll think that's worth it as you read the reviews, with test drivers praising the more comfortable ride, superb body control and excellent braking system, among other features.

Ford spokesperson Andy Barratt said: "This ST is for customers who are performance-oriented drivers and tuning enthusiasts who demand maximum fun on the road combined with a sporty appearance - the ultimate Fiesta ST."

The latest Fiesta ST went on sale in May 2018 and more than 5,000 have been sold since, with the car winning Top Gear magazine's Car of the Year and Hot Hatch of the Year in its annual awards.

So, what do you think? Will you be looking for new car deals on the limited edition Ford Fiesta ST next month, or giving it a miss?