Second-car surge seen across the UK

31 Jan 2018

The number of households with two cars is on the rise as demand for driving continues to rise.

Research by LV= revealed the number of two-car households have increased by half a million annually.

There is now a total of 541,600 households with two cars in the UK, with 24 per cent of drivers admitting they drive more than they did just 12 months ago.

According to the study, work seems to the main reason for the increase in motoring, with 40 per cent adding miles due to a longer commute, while 30 per cent just spend more time on the road because of work commitments.

Other reasons for the purchase of a second car, including the school run, new hobbies and ferrying children to various extra curriculum activities.

LV=’s managing director of car insurance, Selwyn Fernandes, said: “From ferrying the kids to and from out-of-school activities, through to the daily commute, the second car has become a vital part of everyday life for many working families and deserves just as much appreciation as ‘main’ cars.”