Some drivers failing to heed MOT advisories, study finds

28 Aug 2019

Some drivers failing to heed MOT advisories, study finds

A new study has found that some motorists may be driving unroadworthy vehicles because they have failed to heed the advisory warnings given out during their MOT test.

Protyre questioned more than 150 nationwide garages and discovered around one in four cars leaves the test bay with at least one minor fault - which equates to around 9.5 million vehicles on UK roads.

Under changes to the MOT test brought in last year, cars with minor faults are able to pass and will still be legal to drive, unlike those with major faults that must cease to be driven immediately.

However, the tester will issue an advisory slip detailing the fault and encouraging the owner to address it quickly.

Should the issue go on to worsen and the driver be caught by police behind the wheel of a vehicle with unfit parts that could cause danger, they could be hit with a fine of up to £2,500 and three penalty points on their driving licence.

According to the study, one in six cars leaves the garage with a minor warning about its tyres or brakes, while alerts about suspension components were the second most common.

Although most drivers were only issued with a single advisory, 12 per cent were given two or more - and four per cent had more than three.

Protyre's David Sholicar said: "Most drivers breathe a sigh of relief when their car passes its MOT, but the advisories are a warning that your vehicle could still become unroadworthy in a matter of weeks if you ignore them."

Of course, if you have capitalised on new car deals lately, then the chances are you won't need an MOT yet - the first test requirement only comes into effect when a new car is three years old.

Nonetheless, it's easy to forget and for this deadline to slip by unnoticed, so ensure you set a reminder if you want to avoid a hefty fine. Also, remember to change your dates if you're looking for used cars to purchase, as keeping the reminder for your old one is a common trap to fall into.