Survey reveals parking problems that get drivers hot under the collar

15 May 2019

Survey reveals parking problems that get drivers hot under the collar

New research has highlighted the parking issues most likely to make drivers angry on a day-to-day basis. carried out a survey and found 23 per cent of motorists get riled up when they see someone parking in a Blue Badge disabled bay when they have not got a disability.

A similar percentage reported they hate it when other people park too close to their car, no doubt demonstrating fear for their pride and joy in case these offenders blithely swing their door open with scant regard for pristine paintwork.

Other parking offences to make the list included taking up too much space when parking, using parent and child spaces without children in tow, parking on a pavement and failing to leave contact details after bumping another vehicle while it is parked.

Harrison Woods, managing director of, said: "Parking can be a contentious issue and the actions of other motorists can make some car drivers see red, whether that's parking too close to another vehicle, taking up too much space or parking where it is not allowed."

The issue of parking on a pavement is an interesting one though, as it is currently not technically illegal outside London under rule 244 of the Highway Code.

However, rule 242 states: "You must not leave your vehicle or trailer in a dangerous position or where it causes any unnecessary obstruction of the road."

As such, campaigners, police forces and councils have been trying to use this rule to get the government to take another look at the issue and make it illegal to park on a pavement anywhere.

Just this week, the Daily Express reported West Yorkshire Police's Leeds South team had been issuing fixed penalty notices to drivers who had obstructed footpaths with their vehicles.

On the force's Facebook page, officers warned motorists wheelchairs would not have been able to get through in these situations and that it would continue to issue fines whenever it spotted poor parking.

If a nationwide ban does eventually get pushed through, at least it would be one less thing for other drivers to get het up about.