The New Entry Level ID Electric Car Set To Be Launched After 2025 By Volkswagen

19 Apr 2021

An “MEB-Lite” platform will be used for an EV duo of a supermini and crossover with a starting price of £17,000

An “MEB-Lite” platform will be used for an EV duo of a supermini and crossover with a starting price of £17,000

Ralf Brandstätter, CEO of Volkswagen, has said that they are committed to producing a small electric “people’s car” and have set their sights on a starting price of around £17,000 to form a part of their ever-growing ID range.

Volkswagen are already rolling out a number of electric-only models on the Group’s MEB platform, which is starting with the ID 3 Hatch and the ID 4 crossover, both of which will go on sale early next year. Brandstätter also revealed that Volkswagen plan to launch “at least” one new EV each year, starting with the ID 6 in 2022, although this is only going to be released in China, the ID 5 coupé-crossover in 2023 and the ID Buzz MPV in 2024.

Following on from this the Aero-B is set to arrive in 2025, which will be an electric estate based on the ID Vizzion concept, it is then going to be followed by the ID 1.

Volkswagen is continuing its heavy investment into developing its eclectic technology and it has been stated that the development of a new MED-Lite version of the platform has remained a priority.

The new platform from Volkswagen will be first used for a supermini and compact hatchback, which will likely carry the ID 1 and ID 2 tags and will be intended to site parallel to the ICE Polo and T-Cross respectively. Initial reports suggest that they are aiming to sell these cars for between £17,300 and £22,200.

These new models will then effectively replace the e-Up as the entry point into the range of VW EVs and will have smaller batteries that reflect their focus on low-mileage urban usage.

Entry-level EVs form a key part of the wider plan

Volkswagen have had the production of an entry-level affordable ID model for a long time and it considers it to be a key aspect in helping to boost the uptake of electric vehicles, which will also help it to hit its long-term sales goals and emission targets. Brandstätter recently stated that: “We're working on these concepts. Of course, we have to take into account that lower segments will in the future be demanding EVs, and we're preparing concepts.”

On the subject of a replacement for the popular but unprofitable e-Up, Skoda Citigo-e iV and Seat Mii Electric, Brandstätter said: “We're working on concepts for smaller segments. We will discuss it soon. Cars in smaller segments are important and very interesting for us.”

“At the moment, we're focusing on electric vehicles,” said Brandstätter. “Of course, we have studied these last-mile proposals, and we have some concepts ready, but at the moment, there's no decision taken going to the market.”

Volkswagen are also keen to emphasise how flexible the MEB platform is, which already forms the basis of the ID 3 and ID 4, but is also going to provide the basis of the ID 5 coupé-SUV, ID 6 saloon, ID Buzz van in addition to a currently unnamed model from their new development partner Ford.