The Prices of The Hyundai Ioniq And Kona Electric Cars Dropping

19 May 2021

In response to a recent change to the UK EV grant, Hyundai has dropped the prices of the Kona Electric and Ioniq Electric.

In response to a recent change to the UK EV grant, Hyundai has dropped the prices of the Kona Electric and Ioniq Electric.

In order to account for the changes made to the government’s plug-in car grant scheme that were made last month, Hyundai has lowered the price of the Kona Electric SUV and the Ioniq Electric Hatchback.

In the past buyers were able to get a £3,000 discount on any zero-emission vehicle that cost less than £50,000. However on 18th March the cap was reduced to £35,000 and the discount itself was also reduced to £2,500.

Despite the fact that both of these cars still qualify for this grant under the new rules, Hyundai made the decision to reduce their prices anyway. This decision was made to provide consumers with more scope to add in optional extras within their budget. These extras are what increases the P11D value of a vehicle and forms the basis on which qualification for the grant is based.

Following on from this reduction in price, the Ioniq Electric now costs from £32,995 for the entry-level Premium model, with the top-spec Premium SE versions being priced at £34,995. This means that with the discount customers will now only pay £30,495 and £32,495 respectively.

The Premium cars include a 10.2in infotainment system, 7.0in digital display, as well as a heated steering wheel and seats, and a wireless charging pad as standard. The SE Premium has all of the same features, but also adds heated rear seats and ventilated front seats, amongst other features.

Moving over to the Kona Electric 64kWh, which Hyundai is eager to highlight as the longest-range electric car out of all the vehicles eligible for the government grant discount, now has a P11D value of £34,995 for the Premium option. The only version that is too expensive for the grant is the top-spec Ultimate, which comes in at £37,145.

“When it comes to electric vehicles, cost is a big consideration for customers so we’re delighted to be able to maintain the savings of our electric models under the new plug-in car grant,” said Hyundai Motor UK’s managing director, Ashley Andrew. “Ioniq Electric and Kona Electric are among the most popular zero-emissions vehicles on sale today, and by maintaining the choice and the value available to customers in our EV range, Hyundai Motor UK will remain on track to be one of the largest suppliers of electric vehicles in the country.”

Hyundai is not the first car manufacturer to adjust its prices following this change to the government grant scheme. It was also announced by BMW that it will take thousands off of its price in order to allow buyers to still be able to take full advantage of the discount offered by the government scheme.

It is great to see that car manufacturers are making these changes, as not only does it benefit consumers by making the cars and the additional features available more accessible to them, but it also helps to get more EVs on the road.