The Top 5 Cheapest Cars to Insure When Leasing

15 Jan 2021

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Choosing your dream car can be a very exciting time, but there is always a catch.

Insurance is always an added cost that you must consider when choosing which car is best for you. This is why at Cars2Buy, we recommend the option of leasing the car, rather than buying it outright which could make your finance troubles much easier to manage.

How Does Car Insurance Work?

The motor industry established a range of group ratings in 1969 which allowed for cars to be given certain ratings when it came to car insurance. This was in order for car insurance claims to be reduced for certain cars. The group ratings start at 1, which is the cheapest and go all the way up to 50 which is the most expensive insurance type.
The car insurance rating depends on many different factors of the car, such as its entire cost, the cost and availability of its spare parts, repair costs and the safety standards. 
As well as safety, security is taken into account when insuring a car. This is determined by the letters that come after the group rating. For example, 20E. There are actually 5 different levels of security (A, D, E, U, P, G) but the positive ones are A (group standard) and E (exceeds group standard). On the other hand, security level D means the car doesn’t meet the security standards of its group, U means the car security is unacceptable, P is a provisional rating and G is for an import. These security levels simply mean that the higher the car’s security, the cheaper its insurance is likely to be.
So, now we’ve given you the lowdown on car insurance, we’ve created a list below of the top 5 cheapest cars you to insure when leasing.

Hyundai IONIQ

Our first cheap car to insure is the Hyundai IONIQ which won’t just save you money when it comes to insurance, but you are also contributing to helping the environment as this car is electric. The Hyundai IONIQ is rated 16 in the car insurance group rating and you can expect a five door hatchback, a peaceful running sound and a running time of almost 200 miles on its 38kWh battery.

Ford Focus Estate

If you are looking for a cheap estate car to insure, then you might be interested in our next cheap car to insure, the Ford Focus Estate. The Ford Focus Estate has a low car insurance rating of just 8 and it’s similar to what you would expect from a standard family hatchback, but with even better volume when it comes to carrying capability. In fact, its boot is a whopping 1650 litres and its rear seats are able to fold down to maximize carrying capacity even further. 
As you might already know too, Ford Focuses are known for their low running costs and handling so if you’re looking for a cheap car to insure and run, yet still have a significant amount of space for family, then the Ford Focus Estate is ideal for you.

Skoda Fabia

Now, moving on to an insurance category 1 car, the Skoda Fabia. When it comes to finding a cheap car to insure, it really doesn’t get any better than this. Available as a five seater and in a range of reasonably low fuel economy options, the Skoda Fabia is the perfect first car that is super cheap to insure.

Renault Captur

If you are looking for an SUV, but don’t want the hefty insurance costs that you would expect from a large car that is expensive to run, then there’s the Renault Captur. Even though SUV’s might be more costly to run, this doesn’t mean that you can’t weigh out the costs by alternatively saving on the cost of insurance. This is possible with the Renault Captur which has a low car insurance level of 9.
The Renault Captur is still just as effective in defeating potholes as any other SUV so it’s perfect for when you want to save on car insurance costs, but still keep the classic look and performance level of any other SUV. 

Volkswagen Golf

We have already discussed a couple of cheap cars to insure that would be perfect for family use, but the Volkswagen Golf definitely comes in at first place when catering to families. In fact, the Volkswagen Golf is ideal for any kind of family, featuring high performance engineering and a satisfying driving experience. 
When it comes to car insurance for the Volkswagen Golf, levels start as low as 15 which is great for families on a budget.

Where Can I Lease a Car With Cheap Insurance?

If you are looking to lease a car that will be cheap to insure, but still meets all your requirements, we have a wide range of vehicle leasing deals at Cars2Buy. To explore our range of personal leasing deals today, click here or for more information, don’t hesitate to contact our team here.