UK Orders Now Open For New Volkswagen ID 3

7 Sep 2020

Volkswagen have finally opened up orders for their new electric hatchback, the ID3. Orders for this latest electric vehicle began on the 22nd July, with deliveries expected to commence some time in September.

This is great news for both Volkswagen themselves and also for all of us. The limited-run “First Edition” models of the ID3 are being sold for £38,880, meaning that they are a high end manufacturer’s electric vehicle that you can buy for a reasonable price. However, it is important to note that the “First Edition” model specifically will only be available to people who put down a £750 deposit as a sort of pre-order.
Sales of the general model of the Volkswagen ID3 are set to begin within the Autumn, meaning that you still have time to gather the deposit needed for this potentially wonderful electric vehicle. It will also be available in a total of seven different variants upon full launch. On top of that, there will be three different battery capacities as well as two power outputs, giving you a large amount of choice when it comes to which ID3 you want to purchase.
Whilst there have been issues with the ID3’s development that have been covered in detail by various news outlets, the fact that delivery of the early cars is set for September is a nice surprise.
That said, those being delivered will not have all of the software features that the later releases of the ID3 will. For example, the augmented reality functions for the heads-up display will be absent, along with a number of the App Connect features. Instead, once these systems are all prepared and setup correctly, there will be a free software update released by Volkswagen to add these functionalities back into the vehicles.
Volkswagen’s e-mobility sales chief, Silke Bagschi, has commented on the choose to release and deliver the vehicle before the software is complete, stating that “the software is not yet up to VW standards that we want to give to customers, but we wanted to give them the option of having the car and enjoying the driving experience of it as much as we are. And we will upgrade all the software when it's ready.”
The version of the Volkswagen ID3 that will become available in Autumn is set to come with all of the software systems in place, as well as a 201BHP electric motor and rear wheel drive. This will offer around 229lb ft of torque and give you a top speed of 99 miles per hour. The car can also be charged through both a 100kw DC connection or an 11kw AC connection.
This means that the Volkswagen ID3 will be suitable for pretty much every electric vehicle charging station within the United Kingdom, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you won’t run out of charge in the middle of a family trip.
Of course, the price point of £38,880 is still quite high for an outright purchase. As such, make sure you look into car lease deals for the ID3 upon release.