Volkswagen presents its pioneering ID.3

10 Sep 2019

The ID.3 from Volkswagen has been unveiled at last.

The Frankfurt Motor Show is always a period of exciting new launches, but Volkswagen got in early by presenting its brand new ID.3 to the gathered audience the evening before the official kick-off.

Designed to represent a whole new era for the brand, the ID.3 is the first model from a fresh generation of pure electric vehicles that feature zero local emissions, excellent efficiency and full connectivity.

As you can see from the picture, the vehicle didn't disappoint in terms of looks and is tipped to be as important for Volkswagen as the Golf and the Beetle in their heyday. You'll also notice that this car is the first ever to feature the spanking new VW logo.

Designed to become an all-rounder for everyday use, the ID.3 is compact and offers all the manoeuvrability of a small car, but with the spaciousness of a mid-range vehicle inside.

Indeed, a cleverly designed long wheelbase and short overhangs results in a truly cavernous cabin for a car of this size, meaning it's likely to set new standards in its class for a five-seater.

Like all ID. models going forward, the ID.3 is based on a new modular electric drive matrix that has been created as part of an electric drive system without compromise, with three different battery sizes available to provide a range of between 242 and 342 miles on top-spec examples.

Back in the cabin, the car offers a central ten-inch touchscreen display to provide drivers with all the information they could need, alongside a new LED strip called the ID. light that can further aid navigation and safety.

Interestingly, the unveiling of this new vehicle revealed it does look quite a lot like the initial concept version, which is quite rare. And, although its headlights can't 'wink' like that particular version, the LED matrix lights on the showroom ID.3 can apparently 'flutter their eyelids' at their owners. We're not quite sure what that feature is intended to do, but it will certainly be worth a look.

VW's Klaus Bischoff said: "With the ID.3, Volkswagen is heading towards the future."

British buyers will be able to get their hands on the new ID.3 in summer 2020, with production commencing in November this year.

There are no details as to pricing just yet, but it has been rumoured that the starting figure could be around £26,000.