Volkswagen to guarantee batteries on the ID.3 and beyond

18 Jun 2019

Volkswagen to guarantee batteries on the ID.3 and beyond

Volkswagen has revealed it will be guaranteeing the batteries on its new ID.3 electric vehicles and any successors in order to ensure maximum performance for customers.

Production of the ID.3 is to start before the end of this year and the carmaker promises their batteries will retain at least 70 per cent of their usable capacity, even after 160,000 kilometres.

In a new departure from Volkswagen, batteries on the ID. range will also be offered in different sizes, so buyers can match their needs to the performance of their vehicle.

For instance, someone who only drives short distances in cities can opt for a smaller battery with a relatively low energy content (and, as a bonus, a lower cost).

In contrast, a person who regularly drives long distances can choose a larger battery to ensure they can continue to get where they need to go with enough power.

Depending on the battery and type of vehicle, Volkswagen estimates a maximum range of between 330 and 550 kilometres can be achieved per charge, with the batteries also able to accommodate a charging capacity of up to 125 kW.

This is better than anything recorded so far for the ID. segment and equates to faster charging and shorter charging stops. For instance, an ID.3 with the biggest battery charged at a fast charging station with a high capacity could be topped up with 260km of extra range in just 30 minutes.

Frank Blome from Volkswagen's Centre of Excellence in Salzgitter said: "Our goal is to make sure the batteries last as long as the cars."

A compact-class model, the ID.3 is the first member of the ID. family and represents a new generation of progressive electric vehicles with lithium-ion batteries.

Despite it only having been revealed in disguise so far, more than 15,000 people had already pre-ordered the vehicle as of last month.

It is set to be similar in price to the Golf and will start shipping to customers in mid-2020. After this, Volkswagen says it plans to deliver more than 100,000 ID.3s per year, which is good news for anyone looking for new car deals on electric vehicles.