Volkswagen to launch rebranding initiative this autumn

27 Aug 2019

Volkswagen to launch rebranding initiative this autumn

Volkswagen has revealed it is to completely overhaul its branding in a bid to create a more modern and consumer-centric company, starting at the IAA International Motorshow in Frankfurt next month.

To coincide with the launch of the full-electric ID.3, the carmaker will present its new logo to the public with the strapline 'New Volkswagen', along with details on how it aims to usher in a new era and present itself as younger, more digital and balance sheet carbon-neutral.

Volkswagen explained it wants to create a '360-degree customer experience' that is 'fascinating across all channels', with its bolder, more colourful presentation evident in everything from its car design to its advertising material.

However, one thing we're particularly interested in is seeing the new logo, which is said to be more modern, clear and simple.

The brand said it has reduced the maker's mark to its essential elements and introduced a two-dimensional design more suitable for and recognisable on social media. For the first time ever, there will be a sound logo with a female voice too, which may be geared towards the YouTube market.

Chief marketing officer at Volkswagen Jochen Sengpiehl said its focus going forward will not be so much on the cars as on people's lives and mobility experiences.

"The aim in future will not be to show a perfect advertising world. In our presentation, we want to become more human and more lively, to adopt the customer's perspective to a greater extent and to tell authentic stories," he added.

An international rollout of the new brand design will begin at the IAA Frankfurt International Motor Show in September and will be one of the largest operations of its type in the motoring industry.

Volkswagen is currently preparing for phase two of its Transform 2025+ strategy, which aims to put it in a position to communicate with its customers for the first time via its network of dealers and digital platforms.

We're certainly looking forward to seeing what the brand comes up with for its new logo and how it affects marketing going forward - are you?