What Are The Best City Vans of 2021?

30 Jul 2021

City vans are essential to the logistical networks in a busy community. Whether you’re a tradesman on your way to your next job, run deliveries for local supermarkets or you’re a vendor selling fruit and veg at the market stalls, having a reliable van to manoeuvre through the city is essential. 

Not only do city vans need to be fuel-efficient but they have to be passenger-friendly and provide enough space for most vocational needs. Usually, a good city van will have high MPG ratings in the urban setting and it’s important that they can negotiate city traffic with ease. But with so many boxes to check, which one is the best? There are many things to take into consideration, and that’s why we have made a list of the best city vans of 2021 to make that decision easier.
When choosing your next city van, there are a few specifications common to consider. This includes: 
- Interior space: Regardless of what you use your van for, the amount of space available for cargo is important. 
- Versatility: You want your van to take on any job that you do. Whether it’s carrying tools, furniture or luggage for adventures. 
- Towing load: In many cases, vans have to pull even more equipment and baggage at the back, which is why they are fitted with powerful engines.
Let’s take a look at our top small city vans of 2021…

Fiat Doblo Cargo

Following a revision in 2010, the Fiat Doblo has grown in popularity but still struggled to break onto the shortlists of many buyers. It wasn’t until the latest version where the van adopted a smart appearance, Euro 6-compliant engines and improved suspension. With these new changes, the popularity of the Doblo has skyrocketed. 
The Doblo’s biggest selling point is its flexibility when it comes to moving loads. it's a slightly different size and shape to its key rivals, so it can do jobs that others can't. The Doblo’s maximum payload ranges from 750kg to 1050kg, with twin rear doors and a single side access door fitted as standard. 
Compared with rivals such as the Ford Transit Connect and Volkswagen Caddy, the Doblo flies ahead when it comes to how it performs on the road. With a unique rear suspension set-up for a small van, the Doblo has a multi-link rear axle that gives improved ride comfort and road-holding.

Ford Transit Courier

The Ford Transit Courier isn’t exactly the smallest van in the Ford range, but it is certainly the smallest “traditional” looking van on sale in the UK. 
A popular van in the cities of the UK, the Ford is ideal for making quick deliveries, navigating through narrow streets and accessing the tight spaces that other less compact vans can’t reach. Unlike the rest of the Transit range, the Ford is only available in one size and with just one weight. The Courier has a gross vehicle weight of 1.8 tonnes and a maximum payload of up to 595kg. Don’t be discouraged by this though as what it lacks in body size, it makes up for when it comes to engines. Ford’s 1.0-litre EcoBoost is joined by a 1.5-litre diesel engine. Impressively both engines are available with the option of a stop/start system too.
The Transit Courier Van comes with a single row of seats to maximise your load space. The little van comes with a generous loading height of564mm. Six lashing points are standard and Trend models get a 12v power point in the loadspace as standard.

Toyota Proace City

The Toyota Proace City was named International Van of the Year when it was launched and has gone on to receive a whole host of awards. Much like the Citroen Berlingo and Vauxhall Combo Cargo, the Toyota Proace City has also been developed by the PSA Group and it shares a lot of similarities with them. It gets the same 1.5-litre diesel engine and is paired to a manual five-speed gearbox. It also meets Euro-6.2 emissions levels without the need for AdBlue.
There are two trim levels and two body lengths – short or long – and just one roof height. The Proace City has a Payload range from 650kg to 1000kg, depending on the gross vehicle weight. The rear loading height for the Proace ranges from 547mm to 625mm and the side doors have a 1072mm height aperture. 

Our final Thoughts 

Opinions vary as to which van was the first proper City Van, but in the UK many will say it was the Austin A35 which was introduced in 1956. From there, the evolution of small urban vans has gathered pace. Big named manufacturers such as Ford & the PSA Group market their vans as City Vans and offer a fantastic range to choose from. 
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