What Are The Most Reliable Cars In The UK?

1 Feb 2022

Whether you’re a new driver or you’ve had years on the roads, reliability is a big draw for any car you look to purchase. The temptation to go straight for the hottest new cars is strong when you’re browsing the market but, contrary to popular beliefs, not every hot-off-the-floor release is a reliable option. 

Modern cars go through strict development and testing processes before they go on sale or for the public to lease to ensure that they’ll carry on working as they should for many years to come. However, that doesn’t always go according to plan. Some cars still end up proving far more reliable than others, making reliability one of the most important factors for people buying a new or used car. Owning a car that frequently breaks down or causes delays is inconvenient, frustrating and can be potentially expensive in the long run. We know that for most drivers, having the peace of mind that your trips to the garage are likely to be a rarity rather than a regular occurrence sounds like a dream come true plus a bonus for your bank account too. 
So to try and help you decide which cars are the most reliable and trustworthy for both purchasing or leasing, we've rounded up the most reliable used cars here in the UK, according to data from the Auto Express 2021 Driver Power Survey and alternative sources.

Skoda Kodiaq

Across 2021 and so far in 2022, the Skoda Kodiaq has had a brilliant all-round performance. Overall, the Kodiaq offers a hefty seven seats, excellent value for money and a decent driving experience. 
In the Carbuyer Driver Power manufacturer survey, the Sokad Kodiaq came out on top with a score of 97.19% in terms of reliability and saw the first place in similar industry leader surveys for quality and value for money. Skoda has created a real crowd pleaser with the Kodiaq and it has really done its best to show owners it’s a highly dependable large SUV.
It is no secret that practicality is an area where you’d expect a Skoda to shine, however it is clear that the Kodiaq doesn’t disappoint owners in this regard. Back in 2021, the Kodiaq was granted a facelift that saw the car gain a subtle set of design upgrades which included new headlights and a different grille, while the rear also has new tail-lights, a revised bumper and a rear spoiler. If you look inside, interior space in the first two rows of seats is excellent, and while the rearmost seats are best reserved for children or adults on short trips, they’re an excellent addition nonetheless. Add a vast boot and the Kodiaq’s family-friendly credentials are clear to see.

Mazda CX-5

Taking the bronze-medal position in both the reliability category and the Driver Power survey overall is the Mazda CX-5. Mazda is famous for its fun-to-drive MX-5 sports car, and some of this driver-focused engineering and handling must have worked its way into the CX-5, too. The small yet sturdy steering wheel and the short-throw manual gearbox means the CX-5 feels surprisingly sporty and great fun to drive. 
This family-friendly SUV scores well across the board but most importantly for owners, it places high in the reliability section. The Mazda CX-5 has earned a podium finish for reliability, with an impressive rating of 95.64 per cent, according to owners across the UK. Owners also appreciated the high-quality fit and finish of the interior, with comfortable seating and modern technology. It's roomy inside with space for four adults and you get a boot that is large and easy to load full of stuff. 
Mazda seems to rank highly for overall best manufacturers awards which suggests reliability is but one of the Japanese firm’s attributes, too.

Honda Jazz

With low failure rates and competitive parts prices, the Honda Jazz has an enviable reputation for reliability and longevity. In terms of cars that are fit for purpose and value for money, the Honda Jazz can’t really be beaten. If you want a hatchback with MPV levels of versatility and simplicity to drive, there’s nothing that rivals like Ford, Vauxhall and Volkswagen can offer that even comes close.
The Honda Jazz has an avid following from the older, more experienced drivers and we’ve got to say they’re onto something. The Jazz is very spacious on the inside and scored 9.78 for reliability in the Satisfaction Index.
With a taller roofline and boxy design, the Jazz has lots of interior space for its size and also makes it that bit easier to get in and out of. The Jazz’s light steering helps make it easier to drive in town and manual models have a short-throw gear change that feels like it belongs in something a lot sportier. 
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