What's in your in-car emergency kit?

18 Jul 2019

What's in your in-car emergency kit?

Following on from IAM Roadsmart's advice earlier this month on being prepared for summer driving, the organisation has come up with a list of what you should be keeping in your car in case of emergencies all year round.

No one wants to think about their journeys being anything more than boring and uneventful, but unexpected circumstances can crop up at any time, whether they're related to breakdowns or inclement weather.

With this in mind, the organisation's head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman has shared his essential items that should always be kept in vehicles.

First on the list was a phone and charger so you can call for help in an emergency, although they should be placed where they can't distract the driver while on the road.

Another entry was food and drink, as they will help keep energy levels up while driving and also provide nourishment in case you happen to be stranded somewhere. Remember to make them non-perishable, though.

A first aid kit was another must, as was a blanket and a bag of warm clothes (including shoes). These could be vital for you or even another road user if you happen to be first on the scene of an accident or stuck in the snow during winter.

In case of a breakdown, jump leads and a warning triangle were on the list, with the latter highlighted as regularly being overlooked by motorists.

Finally, you should always have a fuel can in your car - although it must be empty to prevent it becoming a fire hazard. No one wants to forget to fill up their tank, but it can sometimes happen and you want to ensure you can get petrol or diesel from the nearest garage and bring it back to your vehicle.

Mr Gladman urged everyone to put together an in-car emergency kit, adding: "Getting stranded either in suddenly changing weather conditions, breakdowns or road closures will be made more bearable if you can let people know where you are, and survive in relative comfort and safety until you can get safely where you're going."

Earlier this week, GEM Motoring Assist published a set of vehicle maintenance videos on its website designed to reduce the number of avoidable breakdowns - and perhaps subsequent use of emergency kits - on Britain's roads.