Alfa Romeo Giulietta Review

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta range...

List Price

£20,070 - £27,620

Acceleration (0-62mph)

7.6 - 10.2 seconds

Top speed

121 - 135 mph

Engine Power

120 - 170 bhp

CO2 Emissions

99 - 164 g/km

Fuel Economy (Combined)

39.2 - 74.3 mpg

Prices & Specification

Very stylish, good engines and reasonably priced.


Uncomfortable seats and a lack of space in the rear.

This car has all of Alfa's traditional stylish hallmarks, the Giulietta is beautifully designed car on the outside, it's just a shame Alfa didn't spend a bit longer on designing the practicalities of the interior because it is not the most comfortable place to be. You won't have to break the bank to buy one though, although how well it will hold its price is still a bit of an unknown factor.


The Giullietta's engine range ticks all the boxes really; all the engines in the range are turbocharged meaning both the diesel and petrol options provide plenty of pace and power. The entry level car comes with a 1.4TBi petrol engine which might only produce 118bhp but this is still enough to fire it from 0 to 62mph in less than 10 seconds and get you up to 121mph. Most people will probably opt for the diesels though as this makes the most sense economically; there is a 1.6 which produces a deceptively low 103bhp but don't let this deter you because it feels much more powerful than this. If you are a horsepower snob you should opt for the 2.0 JTDM as it knocks out 168bhp, tops out at 135mph and does 0-62mph in 8.8seconds, but really you are just paying for the extra bhp. The 1.6 is more than capable of dealing with all your needs.


We find the Giullietta's handling a bit of a conundrum, it appears what Alfa Romeo have done is taken the components of good handling and split them into three different options, ether Dynamic, Normal, or All Weather, this means that to get any real feel when driving the car you have to have it in Dynamic mode, which sharpens things up and makes the Giullietta feel more responsive, however this setting also makes the throttle so sensitive that driving around town can become a jerky affair so you have to switch to Normal, and suddenly you lose the feeling of the car and it feels very disconnected from the driver. It's a bit of a shame really, because when it does feel good it feels very good.


This car is all about image; it has had a ridiculously expensive amount of money spent on its advertising campaign to highlight the Giullietta's sexy credentials. Fortunately after all this Alfa Romeo haven't scrimped on the styling either, and the car looks good, very good in fact, with a sleek look and the right amount of edginess and unique styling to be intriguing but not off-putting.


As with the exterior, the interior is beautifully designed, although unfortunately to do this Alfa have forgone practicality. The seats are uncomfortable and despite the fact the Giullietta is a long car it lacks space in the rear. The dash is fiddly and confusing and the boot space is adequate but certainly not overwhelming.


There are 4 trim levels available with Giulietta, but we would recommend paying a little extra to upgrade from the entry level Turismo, as it is a bit on the sparse side, coming with only electric windows all round, air conditioning an MP3 and CD player, and Alfa's D.N.A driving system, but if you pay the extra £1000 or so and go up to the Lusso model, you should feel like you are getting your money's worth; it adds alloy's, Bluetooth, your steering wheel is leather and radio controls are attached, an alarm and dual zone climate control. The 2 specs above this are the Veloce and Alfa Romeo's flagship Cloverleaf spec. The Veloce makes your car feel sportier, tightening up the suspension, making your pedals aluminium and adding side skirts. The Cloverleaf goes even further: bigger alloys, lowered suspension and just an all round sportier look.


The Giulietta got an outstanding score in its Euro NCAP test, which is an excellent indicator of exactly how safe this car is. The car is built strong and you get lots of good safety features as standard including ESP (electronic stability programme) and Isofix seat fittings in the rear, and at least 6 airbags on all models as well as traction control. Unless you are planning on investing in a tank you are not going to find many safer modes of transport on the road.

Buying & Owning3.5/5

If you know anything at all about cars you will probably be aware of Alfa's rather dubious reliability record, and while there have been no specific problems reported with the Giulietta it will need to go some to dispel those lingering concerns. The other unknown for potential buyers is how well it will hold its value; the initial signs seem to be not too good. On the plus side you shouldn't be left out of pocket at the pumps.

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