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When two companies were merged in 1963, the Ssangyong motor company was established. The South Korean car firm understands the finer things that drivers enjoy about their cars. Over the last few years, Ssangyong has moved on in leaps and bounds by transforming a range of older vehicles into a catalogue of reliable and good cars.
Their range of award-winning vehicles offers a huge variety of specialist features: such as the practical Rexton which can drive as a hardy work truck and a remarkable luxury vehicle. The Ssangyong range offers prestige cabins for passengers to travel in supreme comfort while successfully disguising its tough and rugged off-road capability.
*The South Korean automaker has changed ownership several times since its founding and has had notable partnerships with firms such Daimler-Bemz AG. Vehicles from this South Korean brand have always been priced to undercut the competition and the Ssangyong’s current range is cheap to buy, well-equipped and styled to stand out in a crowd.

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