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Regular Price Updates

Our transparent price comparison service means our partners stay extra vigilant on prices, updating them regularly to compete for your business.

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We put you in direct contact with your choice of supplier, and don't charge you anything... ever

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We do the hard work of compiling the best deals we can find so you can compare them all in one place and be confident you are getting a great deal.

Personal Car Leasing

Find the perfect car leasing deal for you at cars2buy. Our comprehensive lease comparison service aggregates the very best deals on the market from hundreds of verified and trusted partners. If you want to drive a brand-new car without paying out a huge lump sum, leasing is the perfect alternative. Get that tantalising new car sensation without having to commit to owning a car for many years at a time.

Filter, sort and compare our options to find the ideal deal for you. Our personal car leasing deals are between 12 months and 60 months, and you can filter the mileage limit, initial payment and maximum monthly price to pinpoint the one for you. Then at the end of your lease, simply hand the lease car back and you are free to come back to cars2buy and find another brand new car lease deal. For more information, read our guide to personal car leasing.

New Car Deals

As well as leases, cars2buy supplies deals on brand-new cars for those who wish to own their vehicle and still enjoy our car price comparison system. No more will you have to browse hundreds of websites or negotiate with dealers - filter by model trim, engine size, price saving and more to find the best new car deals for you.

By providing all the necessary information, including vehicle specifications, prices and dealer details, we ensure transparency and give users peace of mind. Gone are the days of hidden costs and unpleasant surprises. With us, you can expect complete honesty and clarity. Search for new car prices the efficient the quick way today.

Business Leasing

Business cars can be a great way of cleverly cutting expenses without compromising your image. You simply pay for the value depreciation rather than the entire MSRP, so you can enjoy the best years of the car’s life and not have to worry about future servicing costs. To find out more about business leasing, consult our guide on how it differs from personal car leasing.

Leasing with cars2buy also means you’ll benefit from flexible terms and low down payments on your business lease agreement. All business lease listings are constantly updated so that you can find the best deal for you. Whatever your business requires, you’re bound to find the right vehicle leasing deal here.

New Vans & Van Leasing

We compare van deals from suppliers who are competing for your business, driving down the cost of van ownership. So if you are looking for a new van for your business, use our comparison service to search the latest and best deals available on your chosen van.

Some commercial drivers might be worried that owning a van can saddle you with an out-of-shape model that struggles to compete with newer models. We have an extensive new van and van leasing marketplace that allows you to drive a van in its prime years for a fixed monthly cost. You’ll still have the benefit of a warranty should there be any issues, and you can utilise the latest in van technology for a fraction of the price.

No Deposit Car Leasing

Want a lease deal that doesn’t come with any lump sum? We are confident enough to say that we have the best range of deposit-free car leasing deals in the UK, available on all makes and models from our finest car leasing partners.

A no-deposit car leasing is equal to an initial rental of one monthly rental, which is why you will often see the term length denoted as ‘1+23’ for a 24-month contract (‘9+35’ would be an initial rental equivalent to 9 monthly rentals). Paying a low initial fee will inevitably increase the ongoing monthly rentals, but the overall cost of the lease usually remains the same, which makes car leasing deals with no deposit a very attractive, more manageable option.