Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your prices from?

All our advertisers are responsible for supplying and updating the prices they advertise on cars2buy. Prices are constantly being updated so be sure to check regularly to ensure you are getting the best possible deal.

Can I submit more than one enquiry?

Yes. All enquiries you make are completely free and you are able to make as many as you like. We understand you probably have your eye on more than one model or would like to contact several suppliers about a particular model. Whilst we are confident you will find the perfect deal for you on cars2buy, making an enquiry does not mean you are under any obligation to order a vehicle with any supplier.

Is the price advertised the total amount I will pay?

Not necessarily. If you decide to add any options or additional extras to your vehicle then the price may change. The price may also change before you order due to other factors, such as retail price increases or model specification changes. The supplier will provide you with an up to date price at the time you place an order with them.

What is a delivery mileage or pre-registered vehicle?

A vehicle that is pre-registered or comes with delivery mileage is a new vehicle that has been registered first in the dealer’s name. You will be the second registered keeper of the vehicle and the vehicle will usually have delivery miles. There are some excellent savings to be had on pre-registered vehicles because dealers need to clear this stock quickly. Be sure to ask the dealer you enquire with any questions you have about buying a pre-registered or delivery mileage vehicle.

What is Personal Car Leasing?

With personal car leasing, or personal contract hire (PCH), you are contracted to take possession of a car for a fixed period, you never own the car and at the end of the contract you have to return the car to the leasing company and therefore don't have to worry about resale values.

Leasing General Terms & Conditions

You will not own the vehicle outright.

If you default on your finance payments, then the vehicle may be repossessed by the finance provider.

You must be 18 years or older to apply for finance.

Finance is not guaranteed, and any finance application is subject to a credit check and individual circumstances.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

The finance provider will have their own Terms and Conditions, please contact them directly for further information.

What is the difference between a main franchised dealer and an independent retailer?

Independent retailers are able to sell vehicles from more than one manufacturer. The new cars or vans they sell are the same you would buy from your local car dealer but the discounts they receive are usually negotiated directly with the manufacturers.

How long will I have to wait my new car to be delivered?

Delivery times can vary. The car dealers advert on cars2buy should give you an idea of delivery times. If you are flexible on the precise specification of the new car you want then our dealerships may be able to find a vehicle in stock more quickly. Obviously if you are adding car accessories and little extras then the delivery can take longer.

Why isn't my local car or van dealer listed?

If your local dealer is not listed on cars2buy don't worry, all our car dealers will deliver your new car nationwide.

I have a vehicle to part-exchange, is this possible?

Many of our advertisers accept part exchange vehicles. When you submit your enquiry, make sure you ask the advertiser about part-exchanging your current vehicle when they contact you.