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About Abarth

World-famous for its boxy designs and powerful motors, Abarth has a profound splash of Italian craftsmanship in every vehicle. Originally founded by Carlo Abarth and Guido Scagliarini in 1949, the Abarth sports car is the faster and sportier version of the Fiat. Renowned for their focus on performance and sports tuning, the Italian city cars are all designed to be small, agile and feature modified exhausts and the infamous bright scorpion emblem.
With its rich history in motorsport, it’s no surprise that Abarth is renowned for producing high-performance, powerful vehicles with stylish designs and impressive engines. Like a desert scorpion, all Abarth vehicles are fast, compact and sturdy. Since 1949, the Italian car manufacturer has made a name for itself in the world of sport with its first-ever vehicle, the 204 A Roadster, winning the 1100 Sport Championship as well as Formula 2. For a taste of this sporty little Italian motor, a cost-effective Abarth lease for businesses is a great place to start.

Why Lease an Abath?

The Abarth range, directly adapted from popular Fiat models, blends vigour and agility into the complete sports car package. Abarth offers a small but impressively-powerful range of vehicles, including the Abarth 595 convertible, 595 Hatchback and 695 Hatchback. Every Abarth sports car boasts impressive power and performance under the hood, and their small and nifty body shape screams Italian style. 
The Abarth range has been directly adapted from popular Fiat models and perfectly blends agility and endurance into the complete sports car package. The Abarth 595 and 695 both sit on the same platform as the popular Fiat 500, but the Abarth 595 offers a much more sporty take and is available as a hatchback or a convertible - otherwise known as the 595C. With an Abarth 595 lease for your employees, you can have a sporty Italian car that is perfect for commuting city life. 

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Are you looking for a new Abarth lease for your business? At cars2buy, we have collected a goliath range of Abarth 595, 595C and 695 business lease deals, sourced from Abarth car dealers and independent brokers across the UK. Abarth cars are stylish and have handling, performance, and on-road efficiency you can trust. Cars2buy’s selection of Abarth leases covers their entire range and showcases them all in one place so that you can quickly and easily compare prices. With the new range of Abarth sports cars, you can be sure that you will experience an exciting drive at a great lease price.
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