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About MG Motor UK

One of the key names to come from the legendary British Leyland era, MG Motor UK carries with it a part of British history. Founded in Oxford in the 1920s, the company initially began creating sport-focused cars and soon became renowned for its high-performance models. As part of British Leyland and Rover Group, MG has been a niche but rewarding car for families and businesspeople alike.
The revival of this classic has been joyous to see, but it’s not stuck in the past. MG’s new line is filled with EV cars that put it as one of the UK’s forerunners in the field.

Why Lease a New MG as a Business Car?

MG holds a prominent spot in British motoring heritage, and this will reflect on your image as an observant person with an eye for pedigree. MG now specialises in SUVs and electric vehicles, and you can pick up a brand new MG EV lease from cars2buy for a small monthly fee.
Here at cars2buy, our range of MG models includes the MG ZS, an all-electric SUV that can handle even the longest of motorway journeys on a full charge. Better still, it can be all yours deposit-free, and prices for an MG ZS EV UK lease begin at a price that will make you pleasantly surprised.

Why Lease an MG with cars2buy?

One of the UK’s largest and most trusted car lease comparison sites, cars2buy gathers thousands of offers from trusted and reliable dealers to bring you the very best out there. Our handy filtering system means that you’ll find the right MG EV lease deals for you in no time. Let your business benefit from low down payments and flexible terms on your next company car through cars2buy.