Polestar Business Leasing

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About Polestar

An EV sub-brand of Swedish giants Volvo, Polestar has risen to become one of the most reputable premium electric car manufacturers. Their history extends far beyond what most people assume; the company started in 1996 as a motorsport team racing in the Swedish Touring Car Championship before being swallowed up by Volvo in 2009.
When their first EV model was unveiled in 2017 - the aptly-titled Polestar 1 - the world stood up to attention and witnessed its advanced technology and smooth electric performance all housed in a strikingly minimalistic body. Now, the company is moving towards its fourth, fifth and sixth models with the Polestar 2 and Polestar 3 currently being the apple to many future-forward drivers’ eye.

Why Lease a New Polestar as a Business Car?

A Polestar lease gives you an excellent impression as a business car - the sophistication of the highest degree thanks to Volvo styling, in an electric package to make you look like a forward-thinking and innovative businessperson.
As well as boosting your business’ image, Polestar is also adept at creating well-rounded driving experiences you can depend on. For example, a Polestar 2 lease gives you access to a powerful engine that will take you several hundred miles without needing a charge, eliminating the notion of ‘range anxiety’. Polestar represents the future being here in stoic comfort today.

Why Lease a Polestar with cars2buy?

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