What Are The Top Vans For Couriers?

31 Jan 2022

It’s no secret that the UK loves online shopping. In fact, online shopping has become so popular that the courier and the express delivery market has rocketed into double-digit growth increasing 12% over the last year in response to it. This huge increase in online shopping has led to more deliveries, more drivers and more courier vans. This heavy workload doesn't include the growth of supermarket delivery services that so many people rely on. With these increasing demands, it’s crucial that courier and delivery drivers have the best vans at their disposal.

The UK's tireless delivery drivers keep the country ticking along delivering food, parcels and more. A good delivery service needs reliable vehicles, and if you're looking for a new vehicle to add to your delivery business, where better to start than with vans? But when it comes to vans, there's a huge choice available. Delivery drivers are in their vehicle for long periods and some shifts can be very long so comfort is essential, as well as reliability to ensure you aren’t missing days of work due to breakdowns. Courier companies should also consider the amount of space available within their vans so the volume of parcels their drivers can deliver isn’t hindered. 
When considering some of the best vans for courier drivers, it’s important to know one size doesn’t fit all. To help, here is a list from cars2buy on the top vans for delivery drivers and what the key things to consider are when searching for their next van.

What to look out for in a van

1) Van Fuel-Efficiency

Innovative fuel technology is now becoming more mainstream in commercial vehicles. If you’re looking at vans for short deliveries, you’re going to want to pay attention to the listed ‘MPG Urban’. This takes into account all of the stopping and starting that you’ll be doing if you have a lot of deliveries close together. If your day takes on long deliveries then consider paying attention to ‘MPG Extra’  as this will tell you how much mileage you’ll get if you’re spending most of your time driving on motorways in between stops. 

2) Van Reliability and repairability 

The best vans for courier drivers are reliable vans that don’t break down often. Having van problems can completely derail your day and delivery schedule and cost you time and money. However, vans inevitably get bumps and knocks in the course of their busy daily lives, so consider the costs for common replacement parts and spares.

3) Daily Delivery Load

Make sure you have some idea about the dimensions of your usual delivery load before you start shopping! One of the most important considerations is what size van you should buy, and by size, we don’t just mean its internal capacity, but your payload needs, too. You don’t want to overload your van, but for some couriers, the volume may actually be a more relevant consideration than weight. Of course, if your typical load takes up a greater physical space, size is everything, regardless of weight. If you’re delivering bigger and heavier items you’ll need a big van. This seems basic, but it’s important to know that you can still do a lot with a smaller van! Medium to smaller vans are great for when you have a lot of smaller items and if you’re searching for vans for short deliveries.

Our top picks for courier drivers

Citroen Berlingo

The Berlingo really does pack a punch for a small van. MPVs like the Citroën Berlingo were the Multi-Purpose Vehicles before SUVs started getting in on the act, and many still struggle to beat the Berlingo in terms of value for money.
These vans are designed to get as many things as possible from one place to the next and are perfect for delivery services. It’s a proven whole package that combines efficient engines with a bucketload of interior storage set-ups, and over the years it has generated a number of copycats including the Ford Tourneo Connect and Peugeot Rifter.
Fitted with a 1.5L diesel engine, it boasts an impressive 65MPG. Even with you being out on the road all day, you will be amazed at how little you will need to fill up with diesel. With both a side door and a rear door, it provides easy access to your cargo no matter where you are parked, and with a load length of 1817 and a load width of 1550, it offers plenty of space in the rear for all of your goods.
It is the classy high-tech interior that is noticeable with the Berlingo though. It has a real luxury feel and it is so easy to forget you are actually driving a van. This is a great choice for drivers who spend a lot of time in their cabins!

Peugeot Boxer

The Peugeot Boxer is the biggest panel van for sale in the company's line-up. It's been around for a while, but updates in 2014, 2016 and 2019 have kept it competitive in the class. Not only are these vans spacious enough for busy couriers, but Peugeot Boxers are used as a donor platform for everything from horseboxes to ambulances to motorhomes and therefore far more prevalent on our roads than you may imagine.
The Boxer is relatively lightweight for a large van, which means that converters love it for its flexibility when it comes to putting a body on the back and lots of equipment inside. The most recent update added Euro 6 engines that are compliant with the most recent emissions legislation, while Peugeot is also introducing electric drive to the range as an off-the-shelf model, as opposed to an aftermarket conversion.
While the running gear has been consistently updated, the Peugeot's look has remained largely unchanged. It's distinctive, with a floating grille, stylish headlamps and optional LED running lights. In some of the latest updates it has had its engine downsized from 2.2-litres to 2.0-litres in 2016 to meet the initial Euro-6 requirements, Peugeot has pushed it back up to 2.2-litres for the newer Euro-6d TEMP requirements. The engine line-up has been completely refreshed and a variety of modifications introduced to improve the Boxer’s durability.
The van’s interior is one feature that needs no introductions. There have been improvements to both the quality of fit and finish and the addition of lots more equipment and modern safety features.

Ford Transit Connect 

Ford says the Connect is big on choice and big on space and they're not wrong! This is a fantastic option for bigger loads because it can handle a volume of about 12 m³ and has 180 degree rear doors. It's a really great space & can easily fit 1 or 2 Euro pallets secured in place with lashing points & multiple hook points. Payload across the models starts at 600kg, but the average hovers around 740kg and can top out at just over 1000kg with the bigger variants.
Even with the shortest L1 models you're looking at 1.2m wide x 1.2m high back doors, a 43cm wide x 1.2m wide side sliding door & an excellent loadspace length of 1.5m, width at 1.5m at max and 1.2m between the wheel arches. The van also features a 4-spoke rake/reach adjustable steering wheel, front and rear parking distance sensors and more to help you with your busy delivery days.
Under the bonnet is an impressive 1.5-litre EcoBlue Diesel engine that returns anywhere between 58.9mpg to 68.9mpg!  Overall, the Connect handles like a dream, so no stress about difficulty driving with heavy loads.
There are many new van deals available across the cars2buy website from a huge variety of dealers. Simply use our filter tool to search for the perfect courier van for you. If you would like to lease your next van, check out our new lease deals here or contact our team.