Vauxhall Mokka Review

Vauxhall Mokka

The Vauxhall Mokka range...

List Price

£24,660 - £42,295

Acceleration (0-62mph)

8.7 - 10.8 seconds

Top speed

93 - 125 mph

Engine Power

100 - 156 bhp

CO2 Emissions

0 - 137 g/km

Fuel Economy (Combined)

47.9 - 52.3 mpg

Prices & Specification

Spacious interior, well equipped; good safety features.


Sluggish engines;noisy; poor rear visibility.

The Vauxhall Mokka is a bit of a Tardis, with a spacious interior but a small enough body to park relatively easily. It has a bit of catching up to do to be able to compete competently with its SUV rivals – the Skoda Yeti and the Nissan Juke, for example, are less expensive, more comfortable and pack more punch; but in its favour, the Vauxhall Mokka comes very well equipped and with Vauxhall’s lifetime warranty.


Vauhxall Mokka performance options are somewhat limited with just three engines available – two petrol and one diesel. The entry level petrol 1.6i (115 PS) has a top speed of 106 mph, sprints from 0-62 mph in 11.9 seconds and offers a combined mpg of 43.5. It is the quietest, but most sluggish, of the three – and also the one which will struggle most when it comes to inclines. The other petrol – a 1.4 litre turbo, 140 PS model – has a top speed of 118 mph, reaches 62 mph in 9.4 seconds and has a combined mpg of 44.1. It is noisier though. Finally, the 1.7 CDTi diesel offers 130 PS, a top speed of 116 mph, a sprint of 10 seconds (0-62 mph) and a combined mpg of 62.8; this is expected to be the Vauxhall Mokka buyers’ favourite, and is certainly the strongest engine of the three.


The newest Vauxhall Mokka offers a more comfortable ride than its predecessor, due to the fact that Vauxhall listened to criticisms and revamped its suspension set up to more easily negotiate the UK’s less than smooth roads. It’s still a bit uncomfortable on the ears, if less so on the rears, with engine and wind noise being something of an issue. The Vauxhall Mokka handles well on bends although, due to its height, it does tend to get a bit buffeted by winds and other traffic. The Mokka is competent off road, and assured at motorway lane changes and city parking; but overall its handling is not quite in the same league as rivals such as the Skoda Yeti or VW Tiguan.


The Vauxhall Mokka has not got a particularly distinctive look, but there’s enough there to keep it up with its rivals. Alloys and daytime running lights come as standard with all but the entry level model and the oversized headlights go a little way towards making the Mokka stand out from the crowd a little. It’s inoffensive but not exciting.


The Vauxhall Mokka has a plethora of buttons, not clearly marked, on the dashboard which does not make the whole thing very user friendly. On the plus side, the driver should be comfortable enough while trying to navigate them – there’s plenty of seat and steering wheel adjustment available. The Mokka’s rear visibility is not ideal, with fat rear pillars blocking too much of the view. Boot space is generous, with 362 litres expanding to 785 litres with the rear seats half folded and to 1372 litres with them folded to the roof. Added to this there are nineteen pockets, doorbins and boxes throughout the cabin which will come in very handy indeed! The Vauxhall Mokka has easily enough leg and headroom for four tall people – and five would probably not complain on a short journey.


The Vauxhall Mokka has three trim levels – the Exclusiv, Tech Line and the SE. It is well equipped from entry level up, the Exclusiv coming with Dual zone electronic climate control, CD/MP3 CD Player/aux-in socket, DMB digital radio, cruise control, trip computer, Bluetooth functionality, leather covered steering wheel, daytime running lights, rain sensitive windscreen wipers, remote central locking, electric windows, front and rear parking distance sensors, intelligent 4 wheel drive. Top of the range SE adds leather seat facings, electrically heated front seats, sports front seats, adaptive forward lighting, bi-xenon headlights, electrically heated steering wheel, chrome effect exterior door handles, dark tinted rear windows. In addition there are plenty of optional extras available to personalise the Vauxhall Mokka as much as you wish.


The Vauxhall Mokka’s abundance of safety features ensured it a five star rating in its EuroNCAP test. These features include front, side and curtain airbags, ISOFIX child seat restraints, electronic stability control fitted as standard, an anti-lock braking system and emergency brake assist. Another option on offer is a Front Camera System which gives the driver forward collision alert, lane keeping assist and traffic sign recognition. As with its other Vauxhall brothers and sisters, the Mokka comes with a lifetime/100,000 miles warranty – although this is only valid as long as the car stays with its original owner.

Buying & Owning3.5/5

The Vauxhall Mokka is not particularly cheap, but Vauxhall’s lifetime warranty will go a long way towards keeping the cost of owning it down. The 1.7 CDTi diesel is the most economical and environmentally friendly to run, with a fuel consumption of 62 mpg and emissions of 120g/km of CO2. On the downside it is unlikely to retain a good resale value, and of course the lifetime warranty can’t be passed on to second and subsequent owners. Unfortunately, as far as costs go, the Vauxhall Mokka will not compare favourably with many of its main rivals.

Reviewed by cars2buy