3 August 2022
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Fiat 500 Overview

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In this overview…

Cheerful and affordable, the Fiat 500 is one of the best-priced small cars on the road today for what you get. Not just in terms of features, but also in the rich history it continues.

This fun-sized 2-door sedan was originally designed in the 50s to traverse the cobblestone streets of Italy, winning several design awards in the process. Today, it has solidified its place as the number one retro-stylish city car – it’s like driving a polaroid camera.

Now embracing new technology such as an EV engine and automatic transmission, the Mediterranean maestros of the small car have kept its prime model ahead of the pack. Plus, the opportunity to lease the Fiat 500x and other models is also a great choice. For more details and some great Fiat 500 offers, read our review below or check out our range today. 

The Body, Interior and Variants

Everyone knows a Fiat 500 when they see one pass by. Over six decades, it’s become as iconic of a design as the Volkswagen Beetle and is just as adorable. Its evergreen body design has been updated for the 21st century to look more comfortable in today’s world than ever before. On the inside, design choices have been made in the name of chic, with its bright leather fiat 500 interior seats, big-button dashboard and oversized steering wheel. Warm and inviting, It’s like driving inside of an Italian cafe.

The modern touchstones continue with a touchscreen infotainment hub, complete with aux and USB connections to blast your own tunes on the way to a festival. Around the back, there is a surprisingly adequate amount of boot space to fit your shopping in. Consider the weekly shop taken care of by this little city car.

The Fiat 500 has been stretched and widened to meet other demands too. The 500x is a mini SUV that beefs up the engine to 150bhp and boasts a great fuel economy when put up against other superminis in its field such as the Mazda CX-30, Mini Countryman and Audi Q2. There’s the Fiat 500L compact minivan, which is the biggest of the bunch and has the space to match. It’s ideal for the demanding city-goer, not just because of its luxurious interior space with massive headroom and, get this, a built-in coffee maker. The most fun of the lot, though, is the 500c. The ‘C’ stands for convertible, and the drive in a 500 is doubled, maybe tripled with the top rolled back, letting the sun in. It’s like driving al fresco.

The Engine and Drive

The operative word for the Fiat 500 is nimble. Its high seating position and short wheelbase combine for a snappy drive perfect for throwing around the city blocks. The handy 1.0-litre engine is crisp and responsive enough at street level to go from 0-60mph in under 9 seconds, and the interior comes into its own when in drive, as the comfy leather seats give you ample levels of comfort when on the move. However, it may feel daunting on the motorways. Driving alongside transport lorries can feel like being in a go-kart on an airport runway, but the 500’s reliability will ensure that you’ll get there in one piece.

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The brand new 2022 facelift rebirths the car in all-electric glory, which is the ideal move for a little streetcar. The city has vastly more charging points than out in the country, so this move makes perfect sense and takes it above its competitors in the Mini Hatch, Volkswagen Up, Peugeot 108, and Smart Fortwo and Forfour.

What’s the Verdict on the Fiat 500?

With its automatic transmission and 3-star Euro NCAP rating, the 500 should be at the top of the list for anyone looking for something small and fun. We love the fact that it can handle just about anything thrown at it in an urban environment. Here at cars2buy, we search through thousands of offers on leases and deals on brand new Fiat 500, 500x, 500L and 500c cars to find you the best deals. With our zero-deposit lease deals on new cars, you could pick up a cheap Fiat 500 for low monthly costs.