14 July 2022
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Safest Commercial Vans in the UK

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If you’ve ever driven a commercial van, you’ll know that the number one concern on your mind is how safe the van is.

Hauling potentially heavy cargo in the rear can be a daunting thing when you think about it, and you may wonder what safety features your van has to protect you if an emergency arises. This is why at cars2buy, we’ve put together a handy list of the top 3 safest commercial vans you can lease on our site. We’ve aggregated a wide selection of thousands of verified leasers to give you the best deals on vans for you to browse. On top of that, we have made a cheat sheet to finding the safest van you can get in 2022 according to Euro NCAP’s reputable safety tests.

1. Mercedes-Benz Vito

Mercedes vans are a guarantee in quality. The German automaker is known for its no-compromise approach to its line of luxury cars, and this same unyielding commitment applies to the safety of its vans. At the top of the range is the Mercedes-Benz Vito, which you can lease right now on our website for as low as £315 per month.

The Vito has a wealth of features to put you out of harm’s way in case of an impending emergency, including a radar-navigated autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system. This combined with a built-in forward collision warning (FCW) will ensure that any pedestrians, cyclists or other entities on the road will be detected with a quick reaction time.

Hopefully, you will never have to rely on these features, but you’ll notice the optional Lane Support System (LSS) that warns you when you’re about to depart your lane. In addition, there is a driver-set speed limiter to prevent you from going over. All of this meets the high standards of Euro NCAP, which said that “the Vito represents one of the best commercial vans on sale to those interested in safety.” With this in mind, the Mercedes Vito is a safe bet for your next Mercedes van lease.

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2. Fiat Ducato

A bit of an underdog in the world of vans, the Fiat Ducato passed Euro NCAP’s safety tests with flying colours. In addition to a lane departure warning (LDW), the new line of Fiat Ducatos includes lane keep assist (LKA), which helps to steer the vehicle back into the line if it is drifting out of a lane. The system even intervenes in some more critical situations to prevent the vehicle from leaving the road, so you can be certain that your van will be glued to the lane.

To keep your speed in check, there is a set of cameras that will identify traffic signs and give you information on the current speed limit, so you don’t need to keep reminding yourself anymore – it’s all in the Ducato’s hands. Not only will it check on the road, but you too with the driver monitoring system that will notify you to stop when you are fatigued or impaired.

Its autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system performs well even in cases when the danger lies just offset from the vehicle’s path, so there is additional coverage. Equally, the Ducanto’s brakes were stellar for stopping in a short distance, which means you can put your faith in the van’s capabilities should such an event arise.

The 2022 Ducanto has made great strides over its predecessor, to the point where it is outperforming most of the competition when it comes to safety. Find out for yourself by checking out our collection of Fiat Ducato leases today, and you may be pleasantly surprised.

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3. Ford Transit

There’s a reason the Ford Transit is still the UK’s most popular van. The Transit has almost transcended the field of commercial vans, and a large reason for that is its impressive safety performance at an affordable price. At cars2buy, you can buy a lease on a new Transit for just £182 per month, and for that price, you get a lot of safety features to protect you on the road.

The optional autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system and accompanying Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system works extremely well and can detect danger in even the most advanced tests when travelling at 40km/h. Like many Transit drivers out there, you can breathe easy in the knowledge that collisions such as these will be avoided, and that you and the pedestrians around you will be protected thanks to what Ford put under the hood. Plus, the optional lane departure warning (LDW) system and lane keep assist (LKA) work in harmony to keep you locked in place on a tricky motorway or even a road with unmarked edges.

Every new 2022 Transit comes with seat belt warnings for both the driver and passengers, preventing you from driving dangerously with no protection from a crash, and to fight against driver fatigue, a built-in monitoring system uses steering inputs to identify behaviour which is characteristic of fatigued or impaired driving and advises the driver to rest. However, do bear in mind that this system has to be turned on by the driver when you get a fresh new Transit.

If you’ve been convinced to get one of these vans, take a browse through the cars2buy website and compare the best deals on vans with just a click. We check the price ranges from a range of FCA-accredited dealers, so you shop around with peace of mind. Additionally, you can filter down to the finer details like term length and annual mileage to find the perfect van lease offer for you.

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