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About Seat

Known for being Spain’s first and premier family car manufacturer, Seat is known for its sporty and colourful cars, oozing youthful, sprightly energy. Founded in 1950, it became a huge export for its home nation within 10 years as people quickly cottoned onto its hidden gem quality, something that still applies to them today. It was owned by Fiat until 1982 and then Volkswagen from the 90s to the present day, but it has still managed to keep its racing edge.
Seat is also respected for its unique position in motorsport thanks to its regular appearance in the World Rally Championship, and this pedigree translates into models such as the Seat Ibiza, Ateca and Tarraco, all of which are ready to lease with the extensive range of cars2buy Seat deals and lease offers. 

Why Lease a Seat?

Take a look around the range, and you’ll find Seat offers a whole lot of great motors for a great price. The new 2022 Seat Leon has just been upgraded, and the Seat Leon reviews say that it is “sharper, smarter-looking and with keener handling.” It’s one of the best family cars on the market and comes in a Leon FR Estate edition as well as the most popular version, the Leon eHybrid FR, which is excellent value for money. Alternatively, the smaller, sportier 2022 Seat Ibiza supermini can tear up city streets and the motorway in thrilling fashion.
Meanwhile, Seat has entered the SUV game in style, with a trio of big cars that stack like a set of Russian dolls. The Seat Arona FR is the most size-efficient of Seat’s SUVs and reviews are enamoured, saying it “does well on space and tech, and isn't a chore to steer, and as roomy in the cabin and boot as most rivals. It has no glaring faults.”
The Seat Ateca is the middle child of the bunch but is still able to carry a substantial volume of cargo in the boot, more than most competitors. Lastly, there’s the all-new Seat Tarraco, whose reviews describe it as “a roomy, good-looking seven-seater and probably the poshest Seat ever.”

Why Lease a Seat with cars2buy?

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